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Healthy Roots


Distance Between

-To deny that God exists is simple enough.

-To accept that God exists is also simple enough.

Oddly enough, maintaining either position can be made more difficult when faced with humankind's warring, pollution, greed, murder, genocide, starvation, thirst, oppression, slavery, thievery, pride, piety, rape, molestation, indifference, filth, snobbery and avoidable suffering, especially given that there is no perceptible divine Creator's intervention to these maladies yet obviously a perceptible creation.

Believing in something greater than the self to me is better than believing in only the self or in something lesser, given the facts on the ground as they are. Yet I can also see where one might find it ludicrous to believe in God as a seemingly vacant Creator that allows such suffering for some inexplicable lesson.

(So, where does one find the balance between the belief in God and the non-belief in God, Scribbler?)

Between Home and one another.

(There's nothing between tho…

Duty Before Work

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Once Upon...

Once upon a time ignorance and desperation tried to destroy the truth.
They did not live happily ever after.

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Planting Seeds

Yes. Teach them to plant seeds that return nourishment that’s worth repeating,
then watch them and their delight and learn a thing or two about Love and Peace...

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To Those Who Are

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Empty Tombs

Three empty tombs.

The weight of salvation through War is too great...

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Collective Effort

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Abusing Belief

Extremism fuels abuse of Christians in Mideast
Is this truly why the US drops bombs upon the middle east,
or is this the reason that "Christians are being abused"?

A balance will never be met when War (vengeance) is joined with belief.
The only way to summon Peace among all peoples is to end War's reach.

(Well how do we help other countries and Christians at the same time?)

We don't. Peace, when in its fullness, needs no "help" in the guise of "compassion", it takes no side, it favors all for it is kindness and it is loving and it is forgiving and its echo never fails to calm the savage beast.

To say there is an imbalance of cruelty toward one or another simply because of a belief or a skin tone or an ideology or a class or a race or a resource is short-sighted to the reality beneath the feet and to the reality being created by human's blindness to the truth. It is to say that War is without end, and that, my fine-feathered spirits, is a lie.…

God is Life

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Giving More Than

Wow. I guess the truth is I'm giving more than just my mind away.

(Taken is more like it you fool!)

Taken? Ha! Then those doing the taking need remember one thing, I'm eternal, so theft has an echo coming. Now who's being a fool?

(Oh shit...)

Think! I ask for very little, but that you damn well begin to think! Cowards and fools alone do not a good play make. Think! Why on (H)eartH would I give away the plot and the leading characters? Think...


Good morning birdsong!
What a joyous soundtrack.
Something we certainly haven't the skills to mimic...

If you've already taken a character for yourself, make it loving and peaceful, kind and forgiving, because what's coming will take all else and bring it to its knees without question. Think...

(Sounds of thinking can be heard on the grand stage.)

Peace is coming to a living theatre near you, Love and Forgiveness are already here...

(What does thinking sound like, Scribbler?)

Joyful laughter, or it better.


(H)eartH Thrums

The (H)eartH thrums its waves and shifts its sustenance, beckoning our better selves to feed those hungry, to offer up food to those in need, to offer our fullness of Love and our tallness of Peace, to reach down into the spirit and grandly soar with our righteously humble awe…

~ The Neighborhood Vegetable Garden and The Children's Peace Garden ~

Pray for food, pray for rain, pray for all...

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We Need

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As a Child

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Paradise Before Me

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If God is Love and Peace then Peace and Love are God, so doesn't it stand to reason that our greatest human duty is to cherish Home and one another and be the heirs to Kindness and Harmony?

We needn't anyone to teach us this, so cherish one another, cherish all, cherish the Mother & Father (H)eartH, that Life might eternally be loving and peaceful after we've awoken to find ourselves in Heaven.

I pray...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Risen Sun

Good morning, fine-feathered spirits…

The sun rises and Creation restores our truth again and again
and the (H)eartH paints the pathway to Heaven for all,
and though i walk through the valley of my own darkness,
the birdsong flutters and I fear no mortal’s shadow,
for God is soaring within Me.

Home has long ago prepared its table before Me in God’s presence
and anointed my head with fortune- Love and Peace overflow.
Let us remember where we have always been,
let the birdsong never cease our hearing,
God is present in all things and I am.

I pray for the sake of all before Me.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


I do not understand the thinking that "evil" comes from God?

For what purpose would it serve if it came pre-installed in all models?

I think we have conjured "evil" from our fears since "evil" certainly seems to be manifested through our actions and not come raging from our birth.

Fear is learned. I do not mean instinctual fear which is a reaction of our beast and our environment, I mean fear that carries on or over from that and into our everyday thinking. The fear that manifests itself in our actions of war, murder, indifference, rape, torture, thievery, etc. These things, which stem from fear, are born out of habit and out of greed, want over need.

These things cannot be born in us, not if God is Love and Peace, Forgiveness and Laughter. It seems that the tests we learn from these days are more human-born than of God, and I believe the lessons are up to us to learn or dismiss through indifference or what have you, to be good or to be bad, to give …

For All

I am "for" no one, I am "for" all. I do pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for Palestine and for the world.

To say that I owe nothing to the Palestinians, the offspring of God no more or no less than the Israelis, is to poke God in the eye.

I don't assume anything of a whole peoples, brothers and sisters, it blinds all that presume it's exactness.

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Christians, all "religions" should be united for Peace and not allow these young boys to be martyrs for a war that will bring more children to die needlessly! Pray that the Israeli government does not do as they have done so many times before, oppress and kill in the guise of vengeance. Let us pray for all Jews and Arabs, all! If these boys were Palestinian then this post would not find its way out! CUFI is nothing more than some and not all, it is a sad testament to what God desires of us! We are not Muslims and Jews, Christians and Atheists, Mormons and Catholics, Buddhists and Hindis, we are human brothers and sisters!

I know that this may seem like a good thing, Christians United For Israel, but, without them also being united for the Palestinians, for all peoples, then it is nothing more than being sheep in a world of wolves.

I pray that Peace arises from this sorrow, not more of the same lies and power-mongering that brought these boys to their grave to begin with. I…

What Would Jesus Do?

(What would Jesus do?)

It's irrelevant to Me.


Because I don't know what Jesus "would have done" or "would do"? 'What am I going to do' is the only question I can ask of myself when it comes to my reaction to anything that faces me.

(And what would be the answer?)

Depends on the situation, persistent spirit! You can bet that whatever I do it will be done in kindness and will always lean toward Peace as the final outcome.

(Sounds to me like what Jesus would have done.)

If you say so, but it's only relevant what I do, not what I would have done.


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Fit In

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Upon the Wings

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Let us find her waiting on us.
Let us sense in her our hope.
Let us find the child, the children,
before they've gone missing.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime