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As a Child of Peace

Despite how these words might sound, remember, Mark Richard Prime is speaking as a child of Peace, with Love's agreement. It can be no other way, this idea of God, this truth of (H)eartH, this experience of mine, fused to many. In due time my place will be known, until then, Live, Love, Laugh and be Peaceful, be God-like. Boom boom... We must also learn of (H)eartH's "soul". its "spirit" is what we need study, "scientifically" and "spiritually", for there would not be one without the other. Without humankind to reason they're way along the pathway lined with Creation's Life, there would be no "science", there would be "spirit", the constant flux of God's breath. Using both in tandem would certainly, without question, benefit ALL involved... Peace&Love, both knowing... soon. ~ Some of these words are a belief of God's desires for all, and some are a wee bit more personal. Comes with the

When All Is?

But they are reversed when all is said and done, Adolf. Your personal lesson has long ago been learned, it is your words that remain in turmoil, what a shame, too, that we needed even one word from the likes of you to teach us how to Love, to be with Peace instead of Fear. Taking a human's freedom is one thing, but taking their life, well that is the reason your words still seek their pitiable end. Peace © 2014 the spirit of Love and Peace dancing through Mark Richard Prime


Do what loves, not what doesn't... © 2014 the spirit of Love and Peace dancing through Mark Richard Prime