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War's Glance

We may imagine that we are defending ourselves from an "evil", those "others", who, by the way, believe that they too are defending themselves from an "evil", those "others", but in truth, we are merely buying into a lie we tell ourselves in order to sleep better and to support a machine that has no interest in our well being as a collective peoples.

When we go to war, the circle is no longer utilized for harmony. When we humans insist upon marching back and forth on only one segment of the circle, and only march to another segment to bomb and kill others as commanded and/or chosen, then the circle becomes a conveyor belt with sides and walls and borders that return us again and again to our fears and to the destruction of humanity and the circle we all walk around on. When one segment breaks away and its "perfection" is broken again and again, it is, and rightfully so, no longer a circle.

It is a vicious cycle that must be stopped so…


1775–83 – American Revolutionary War: an armed struggle for secession from the British Empire by the Thirteen Colonies that would subsequently become the United States.

1776–77 – Second Cherokee War: a series of armed conflicts when the Cherokee fought to prevent the encroachment of American settlers into eastern Tennessee and eastern Kentucky; under British rule, this land had been preserved as native territory.

1776–94 – Chickamauga Wars: a continuation of the Second Cherokee War that included a larger number of native tribes attempt to halt the expansion of settlers into Kentucky and Tennessee

1785–95 – Northwest Indian War: a series of battles with various native tribes in present-day Ohio. The goal of the campaign was to affirm American sovereignty over the region and to create increased opportunities for settlement.

1786–87 – Shays' Rebellion: a Western Massachusetts debtor's revolt over a credit squeeze that had financially devastated many farmers. The federal governmen…


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