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Heard. Felt

When you hear it Maxine's you know it, when it walks past you, it dances with your spirits, bar not one, it is the story unfolding that I'm seeing for the first time, it's a tightrope walk, a dance with gravity...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime



When we shut our eyes and let it all go
the world we are conscious of ends
and something new begins 
we find ourselves at a beginning
the story doesn't come to an ending
our echo's bend to a new frame of existence
not corruption, war, pollution and resistance
but a new and bright corridor bringing relief
passageways leading us away from our grief
into a new painting made of thoughts and heartbeats
a thrumming and drumming, a new masterpeace

Listen to our newly forming words, they speak our truth
speak of our union with Home and our use
they rumble and quake, they rattle and shake
they bring us to ourselves in a way
speak of things we want, we need to say
listen to your own, listen to others
listen to your sisters and your brothers
celebrate our wondrous connection
live, love and laugh in a new direction
toward and not away from one another
as cousins, as fathers and as mothers
let us sing, let us take our place
this masterpeace is ours to paint

The world won&#…


I'd say God brings us one another, not as husbands or wives, this human bound idea of union, but as brothers and sisters, caretakers of one another, friends, companions, laughter's duality...


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


I sense the medicine is in Heaven, it better be, it's what brought me to it. Funny how that has worked out, the medicine, legal and all...

(It's legal?)

How could it not be? THC is in our bodies naturally and so is DMT, among many other natural medicines growing on God's (H)eartH. Therefore they cannot be made illegal by anyone or for any reason. See, even the "courts of law" agree with Me. It's kind of like how NATO operates, everyone gets a vote and it goes up the food chain to the big dogs, the big feeders and breeders, and they imagine they can rig the game against all odds, not on your life... (H)eartH has a say in what is believed of Home and child! wake up and smell the aroma of a brisk Colombian roast! Live, Love, Laugh, and do more quieting down, let the (H)eartH be heard... heal... Heaven.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


(A real man isn't weak, isn't out of shape, has no bad habits, isn't violent, isn't unproductive, isn't out of control, isn't angry, isn't-)

Okay! Let Me stop you right there, negated spirit!

First of all no one wants to know what a real man isn't! Tell your audience what a real man is and I bet you'll have a debate on your hands. We think we know God from reading a book or hearing a tale of old? Come on! We should know God God's inside of us and we are creating a fledgling of a myriad of beliefs, some maddened, some delirious, some tragic, some spiritualistic, some methodical, some silent, some loud, some whispered, some with none. Let's create a belief in Home and one another worth repeating when God makes God's entrance through Me.

Jesus was on the right track then began to center in on the self, where God waits in earnest. Second son, Next One, Risen sun... Love AND Peace

Step aside, brother, this is gonna take you off of your cros…


"Grey and white feathers" as an omen, a truth, is meant to be interpreted within our having met the same fate, all is One, each thing created by what we imagine to be true instead of going with it and learning from Life's Constant Flux, might as well call it God, it is God.

Remember there are only letters in our names, not meanings, at least none that we've repeated with any regularity as to render it useless in its power that we ourselves give our thoughts.

I, Peace and Love, will manifest this miracle, I already have. Come with Me and my Love on our journey, it's a story worth repeating in the spirit, not necessarily in the flesh! Rejoice when a truth is spoken, remain silent with the lies, free them on their own recognizance, they'kk have no choice but to change... It's evolution and it is slow in the flesh, it is the fastest spirit known to Man, the one that exists within all things... God.

Wakey wakey, Mark Richard Prime was able to shakeyee shakey…

At All Times

Those I hold dear are all with Me at all times, spiritually speaking, it's the trajectory of the story pouring from Me, this story has characters that we need to get to know.

I am Peace, ever-changing, never going down, always traveling into Heaven, especially the part that is Home and Kinship, Kindship, Kind, Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Laughter... My Love and forgiveness are with Me always, every breath, my union of family, I almost tossed all of that away, but I am creating the Mark Richard Prime version of this eternal story, we are to see God in our own eyes and then we are able to see God in all things, all others, all sisters, aunts, uncles and brothers, al father's great and grand, all mothers great and grand! I make no demands, I ask for a conversation... See? We will all climb aboard this inbound train and Heaven will be sensed beneath our feet...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Let's Have a Chat, Joel...

"Just because we’re in a stressful situation doesn't mean that we have to get stressed out. You may be in the storm. The key is, don’t let the storm get in you." Joel Osteen

Come on, Joel! The busyness is on the inside, now we have to march it back out the same way we marched it in! Don't you get it, brother? It is a reflection that we've seen (learned of ourselves) inside to out, in truth, we then led it from outside back in. It's time that we, as a collective, purged ourselves of what we've allowed to grow within us and around the presence of God within, so that when we look outward, we'll recognize God there, too... Remember, brother, Mark Richard Prime knows the inside... Peace, The Scribe
© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Set Loose To Do

What is a maddened mind set loose to do with itself for our calendared, commandeered seven days of an enslaved week?  It’s almost enough to bring the flux to laugh out loud! O! If we could but hear its song we might recognize our own! Come and get Me, we have a dance or two to go before we are One as with God’s collective… FREE… Freedom is made of Free Free is within Freedom No trades or retellingAll animal’s lovedNo weaponsNo blocking the flow…Freedom is Free, give it away…
Faith and Trust are interchangeable, or they certainly should be. We give of faith and trust, we do not earn them. Giving them away is how we see their return.
Observation, instinct, recognition, seeing at last the spirits, all, moving toward the same story…
It’s how Peace comes about, when enough of us find the path and stick with it, despite the odds, we sense we are on to something bigger than any one person, but found speaking, found knowing the speech, found. The collective is One Spirit, let us begin to dance a…


I am here now, anyone not understanding just exactly I am dancing, have yet to see Heaven. It's so simple, doesn't cost us a thing, need, medicine, truth, birdsong, herb, angel's to fly us Home without leaving the ground, we've done nothing of our evolution in space but destroy the Heart(H) of it all, (H)eartH, all while we go regrettably forward with our self-destructive beliefs...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Love, The Tribe, All

What greater motivation than Love?

Peace, the culminating factor we tend to dismiss in our wars...

I love the tribe! The Tribe, too! All Tribes need focus on the solution of the story unfolding without our willing it... we are on our way Home. Thank you, fine-feathered angels! Peace

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime
The wolf cousin moves in us
it prowls the night
all at once it dreams
it rests in flesh
It creates in our spirit
a truth of We...
Mark Richard Prime, kinship...


The greatest LIVING thing we have is God, Home, (H)eartH, Kinship, One!

In GOD’s name I reflect, and God is not in a story, he is within Me, within We, with or without our stories… So I believe.

I will only bring so much to your use of your belief in a book, the rest of the way, I’ll be the Scribe, so speak to me as you, not as some missionary for Jesus Christ, God is within Me. I know the lessons without hearing them repeated as if they are ours to dole out in the 21st century, my lesson plan includes my dance with God, the story unfolding is mine… and Love and Forgiveness and Scribe and Me and We, and you, you and you and you and yours and all breathing vessels.

Respect is a double sided tape…

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime