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GUILTY (1/29/10 Head-Line Poetry for Friday)

Tony Blair on Iraq: I'd do it again
A massive head hurls itself across our span. Its cracked lips, pursed with shame, come with their rumbling at our pane, “I’d do it again and again.” their refrain, ad nauseum.

U.S. Economy Grew at Fastest Pace in 6 Years Last Quarter
Be a pair of hands to lie in, lift our eyes so we might gaze upon the world’s wars and hunger like honest men.

15-Day Haiti Survival Pushes Human Limits
You cannot have her, death! She is for the living, their quake-filled love and breath, their examined dread.

Plan to scuttle 'don't ask, don't tell' ready
It’ll come ‘round with an uneasiness, the general expected. Its disparity noshes at closet doors, the private imagined.

Activist Roeder convicted of abortion provider's murder
With this, the groups do congregate and begin their counter-insurgency. These armies of most righteous men begin to gnaw at their dripping sores like creatures who worship murder.

Obama Said to Consider Moving Terror Trial Fro…

Revolting History, an ode for Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn dies of a heartattack at age 87 The wish for a coming revolt of the guards did not emerge with any expectant breath or a momentous rebellion of thunder.

Instead, it passed between the dreaming walls of our hope. Silent and mortified, it wove its way near the heart and fell away breathless.

We hungered for its branding mark to walk upon our shields. We’re ready for the next great one, the next sun to etch its words on our caution.

We see ourselves as we imagine, a rescuer, a warrior of unending good, a rebel without history
looking for a voice to call his own.

We've tossed our coins into the breathing fountain and hidden our shame in the thankless gutter, we've carried our bodies across our days like hand grenades, immigrants in a strange land of heavy skies.
© 2010 by mark prime
A People's History Howard Zinn... rest in peace.

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Lift the Veil (Wednesday Head-Lines 1/27/10)

French report calls for veil ban
Lift the veil, steal their faces in sideways glances shrouded by our breath. What frightens us so that freedom's then veiled?

Rich-poor gap 'wider than 1970s'
Then, one by one, they fell, unseen and we wept in redness like rain made from flesh while the quaver of far-flung war breached our thunder.

Report: North, South Korea exchange fire
This spiraling dread and blaze neighbors nothing very good or wanted in the layered storm, a world of fear and flame.

Poll: Half say start anew on health care bill
Which half brings forth this desire, those with or without, the dead or the dying, the wicked or the chaste? Because half of nothing won’t fly.

Israel's PR exploitation of Haiti aid
Put on your mask of madness, make-believe with another’s grief that you've come to rescue sorrow, awaken them with your sandman, tiptoeing across the trembling loam with machines already drenched in blood.

© 2010 by mark prime

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Nothing Perceptible (Head-Lines Sunday 1/24/10)

Haiti survivor pulled out of rubble
It was the dust covered hair that first caught our attention, it was the pulse and the breath that moved over us with a quiver.

Biden Says U.S. Will Appeal Dismissal of Charges Against Blackwater Guards
Let them be the last of this murder, pushed aside like the leper, made to exit the green fortress to witness what they’ve made.

Massachusetts Message: Not satisfied with promised 'change'
The people, without clocks or history, leapt out angrily at the slowness of time only to see the street hovering overhead and their feet touching the sky.

Scientists say scanner can detect PTSD in veterans
As the band of light navigated the body it detected something indiscernible and when it penetrated the soldier’s eyes there was nothing to discern at all.

Supreme Court OKs unlimited corporate spending on elections
And there it came without warning, without so much as a whimper, the razor-taloned scratch of five whores covered in the pus of their stale disease…