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DEBRA'S ASHES (a one act play)

A play about family, loss and dysfunction...

As the audience files in the dim glow of the television (a constant on stage throughout) can be seen but not much else, save for shadows. Music playing over the house speakers, “I Wish I Was the Moon” by Neko Case, timed to end as lights rise on Scene One.


John McCutcheon- Fifty-four.

Stephanie McCutcheon- Thirty-two.

Debra Jameson- Forty.

Matt Jameson- Twenty-two.

From September 2005 to the present, between two next-door living rooms in the U.S., one in the present, the other memory. Each scene spills into the next seamlessly.

Stage left is the living room (in the present) of JOHN MCCUTCHEON’S home. A fireplace center with a whiskey bottle on the mantle, a television facing away from the audience, a couch sits right, next to a window that hovers beside the fireplace.

Stage right is the living room (and bathroom) of DEBRA JAMESON’S home. A freestanding front door sits left. The bathroom, upstage right of th…

SATURDAY 04/19/08

Texas Sect Kids to Remain in Custody
Something is with them, the children, placed tenderly down and puffed with shame- the sins of their fathers.

Carter in Hamas 'ceasefire call'
Communication ferried over the sea. The pillars of peace glow dimly over their warring, stillness eclipsing.

McCain, Iraq War and the Threat of ‘Al Qaeda’
Time passes and all this ailing noise escapes, war, terror, starvation, grief, gloom. One hundred years can change a world.

DNA Tests on Texas Sect Children
In the tiny cribs juvenile mothers sang to them, lullabies of righteousness and accord on the road to surrender. Labor.

States React to Court's Lethal Injection Ruling
I’ve said before that belief should be richer than the murder- mortal wounds- bludgeoned, injected, or bombed, are not ours to administer. Seems I was wrong.

Crude Hits Record $117 per Barrel
Where our slippery adoration of oil stirs along the passageway of such machines stands the shadows of our architecture.

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FRIDAY 04/18/08

British PM: Bush owed 'a huge debt of gratitude'
Listen there are children whose breath’s been cleaved, mothers and fathers split like lumber, hatred boiling… Huge debt’s an understatement.

Pope Meets with Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse
Pale, dry hands of sacrament to fall upon the children, pouring harshly over and over their naked souls, unprepared to return the desire.

Embassy in Baghdad Is Ready
The rain now falling, comforting the beheaded grass. The monstrous structure, dwarfing all that came before, stands complete. The second hand begins to move.

Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger
The lyricists are going home now, receding to the unforgiving landscape. Breathless, music surrendered.

Suicide Bomber Kills 50 at Iraq Funeral
The music makers have returned, red-faced, staring, stunned at death’s rapid tempo, panicked, cheerless, reprised.

Elderly US Ladies, age 77 and 75, Kill 2 Homeless Men for Insurance Money
Had even they, at their age, not lived enough, laughed, seen a…

TUESDAY 04/15/08

Iraq’s Free Ride may be Over
Sand. Rivers. Palm trees. Iraq. The freedom ride’s come to an end. What have you been doing these last five years? When you’re occupied you do not lollygag about! You ignore the dead and dying, you tough it out and get back to work! Sand. Rivers. Palm Trees.

China ‘Now Top Carbon Polluter’
Black air finally has found the ashen lungs of another's living to fill in the shadows.

Wal-Mart to Film Gun Sales in Bid to Fight Crime
The mammoth’s face grins over the interstate. Made of brick with a sightless gape it drains us of its plans.

Retailing Chains Caught in a Wave of Bankruptcies
Behind the smiling clerk’s teeth, like the noise of a rodent in a trash can, the words hide in the bottom of the mouth, "For God’s sake! Buy something!”

Mass Grave Found South of Baghdad
This news doesn’t really matter in the end. Fourteen bodies buried in a field won’t compute, the abacus beads were used up long ago.

GOP Lawmaker Apologizes for Referring to Obama as ‘Boy’
And m…

MONDAY 04/14/08

Israel Declines Security Help for Carter
The Fox is loose in the Barnyard and Peace comes to visit. Armed with The Nobel and the Audacity of Truth, it strides up to the Heavily Armed gate.

Sadr Demands Forces be Reinstated
Someone demands something in occupied Iraq, knows the price of thunder, a rocket is fired, a bomb explodes, America plunders, a child walks home from school.

Hamas Cleric Predicts 'Rome Will Be Conquered by Islam'
If you listen closely you’ll hear. Perch your ears upon the air. Can you hear it now? It is not a US fighter jet rescue or even the droning lips of angels. It is the maddened blow-back of madness marching on the wind.

White House: Bush Concerned About Food Shortages
The lack of sustenance boils and splatters. Two point one billion in 2007 was given this. Imagine what one day, one measly day out of Iraq could nourish?

Nobel Laureate Refuses Olympic Torch
When a dog is beaten by its master and hobbled from neglect it cowers away from the outstretched hand, …

SUNDAY 04/13/08

Clinton Accuses Rival of Elitism After Obama Says Some Voters are Bitter
Stewards of prosperity narrow their eyes at our despair, a wrinkled desire for our failure folded under their brows. It is with harsh certainty that they will pawn our dreams. No. Failure’s not purchased like bread.

Deadly Blast Strikes Iran Mosque
And with its isolation comes human surrender hovering near the crater left by religion’s perplexity, war's clarity.

Regional Leaders Urge Fast Zimbabwe Poll Result
Yes. Hastily now, for her people, heirs to South Africa’s grief, her soul’s expedience.

Secret Iraqi Deal Shows Problems in Arms Orders
What can we learn from history? The hue of deception? The burnish of truth? Yes.

Britain Warns Terror Threat is Worsening
Hatred comes from fearing. Death from living. Terror comes not at all, unless something brings its giving.

HUD Chief Inattentive to Crisis, Critics Say
And who are they, living in that place all these years, waging war on shadows, purchasing weapons with bloo…