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Precious Cayden...

Prayers for a precious child named Cayden...
May God give the child the strength within to overcome and not allow any further suffering... 
Bless you, dear Cayden, bless you and yours little cherub... Peace and Love

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


And until we cherish Home and all others before ourselves, we'll continue bleeding out. We can use our Band-Aids as solutions or we can do our duty as stewards. We can bandage our rivers by relying on filters to remove our human genius from the precious water, or we could stuff the wound with money, or cover the hole with plastic, or we might try dropping a bomb on the gaping crag to cease the bloodletting, or we could starve ourselves to death and never bleed again... Perhaps it'd be more beneficial to us as a collective if we sutured the wound with Kindness, with Love, with Forgiveness, and with a profound Peace? Makes a lot more sense than drowning in the blood of our brothers and sisters... In the blood of ourselves.~Mark R. Prime  
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Grief's Process

When parents lose a child they lose an actual part of the actual living Spirit. It is these same children that if we believed as much in ourselves as they believed in us, we'd know why losing them resonates through us with a ferocity that stays. Tame the ferocity for the memory of the child in due time and there is no rule on grief's process,
not metaphorically, literally.

They remain as spiritual hosts and we won't forget them, that would be most tragic, even more so than the tragedy of our missing their spirit they left for us to cherish and find joy within the thoughts of them. Summon them within you, they are a most vital part to your spirit.

The spirit's, my dear friends, are with us within. We can converse with their spirits, with them, these smiling cherubs praying we'll hear them calling to us from the air of Heaven.

Heed the echo of all living things! Heed Life's Breathing!

(Where'd you imagine you were in the echo of your tenure, a disposable Hea…


We're a on the ledge of Heaven! I found my way by accident. I was found by my fate risen, Come to pass inside me, within me. Has no place to go but given away. The voice is mine in the many spirits. God has my praises against my will, Rather be on the ledge than unheard. Rather be with God's tongue without ever imagining that I'm God. Rather know who I am and that I've some say in our story being crafted as we speak. I spent far too many years digging the hole deeper expecting to find a way out. I was fleeing from my own fate, years wasted, gone, vanished without my purpose known. Enter my rebirth, God rose up within, stayed, guides me now, does God. I had no belief to speak of. Her hands reached for me, her wings got in the way and I fell away, landed next to the rabbit.  (Hadn't you better get to climbing back up, there ain't nothing down here for you, but darkness and gloom?) I separated from it all, left my spirit open for all to see as I searched frantically for me. F…


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime
What would be the purpose of my dance if it were not God that had my tongue? I say it would be pointless, empty of anything that might usher in Peace and Love. Now I know that through my role I've somehow created the personification of Forgiveness and I am set to earn his wings!

(Think you'd have them by now?)

Spiritual wings are massive pairs of the whole of Spirit, God's essence. Those wings of the flesh and bone may not be just yet, but fear not, wings we shall have!

(Not you, remember?)

Last is what I said, not left out. You wish, lovely spirit. No I shall gain my physical wings when all are saved from agonizing beliefs from my lifting them away and bringing actuality, truth, in its stead.

Now what say you?


Dear lovely spirit of flesh and bone lies told to circumvent the will of God... Better you had enough of your treachery, it will not be met without recourse...


You can't change the truth, but you can, without ques…


War's a monstrous echo of our stewardship. End its reign! Bring Peace to its original tallness, that it might see eye to eye with Love...~Mark Prime

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


"It's all just a story it's all just a story it's all just a story", yeah, keep repeating that. 
(It's a good one, huh?)
No, but you can tell yourself that, too, until it evolves into the actuality, which is the easel upon which We are meant to gracefully, lovingly, majestically represent our fledgling creations, painting Heaven with a humble righteousness. Not without great forethought should we invent, but always in honor of Home and All that breathes and paces this paradise floating in the sky! No wonder we don't know where Heaven is, it's too easy...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime