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it's simple, really, much easier than a two or three act

and considerably easier than a one-act or a ten-minute play

it's not a big production requiring weeks of rehearsal

or props to find in the dark or an x as mark to stand upon

so that the light can at last find you in mid-soliloquy

no set crafted in passionate hues or foreboding levels

no trap doors to suddenly appear or whisk you away

no big dance numbers or jugglers or extras milling about

no orchestra or audience roaring a standing ovation

it's so very simple, it's not complicated, not in the least

I'm sorry

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Imagine this life
as moving across the open sky-

starlight tracing such bright faces,
briefly felt comets.

Innumerable grains of light
tumbling in an hourglass of moments,

frames in motion toward hope,
building blocks of atoms
uniting to paint children,

breathing tributes of soft-skinned vessels,

dreaming truths, humble creatures
in agreement with the stars

nodding along with Creation
and our place in the mystery.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Oh God
this wind it speaks to me,
more like moves through me,
it's message disguised
as the story,
the wind tells our story,
Birdsong, rain, child,
let us lift our heads
and begin the climb.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Woman, we were blind to your rising. You are and shall be the heroes for Home, (H)eartH, and HumanKind. It was inevitable that Mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, nieces, any and all women would rise for the sake of our salvation from war and indifference. I will honor you among those that deeply feel the truth, that know the sacrifices you've faced and the instinct for the collective's salvation.

Let us be as One, a family among all of humanity with unexpected heroes, not unexpected by women, but by we, your male counterparts. No more should we doubt your role in humanity's rising, we must, without question, embrace it and begin. Women are now rising as the leaders with a unique and powerful advantage over our male dominated history, the birth of our future and the will to adapt for the betterment of all...

I am ready to rise with you, as are, I'm quite sure, many men who understand the uniqueness of your abilities in ways we've, unti…


We breathe less time in our lungs than a clock made of air,
yet Creation grants us enough to knock us over in our briefness, plenty more than we are capable of tolerating.
We can't stand like the forest, or the mountains, we topple in our brevity, trembling as we fall.

Our legs are not trunks, feet not roots, our bravery overshadowed by our frame's willfully quivering bark, less heartbeats than the moth's wings flutter toward the light, time our contrivance, age flouting the curves of our backs to rage at the dying of our own glimmer.

Our lives begin like comets bending their growling radiance toward Home then crash into one another as if destined to skip the celebration entirely.

We cry more than we laugh until our frames are deformed by the tears running ahead of our joy like an impatient brute briefly crashing into itself without familiarity.

However, when we pass by, we leave a sheen where we briefly were, and there's hope in that...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Mighty is Home
Respect it

Mighty is the Collective
Honor it

Mighty is Love
Cherish it

Mighty is Peace
Keep it

Mighty is Laughter
Celebrate it

Mighty is Creation
Remember it

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


I believe We are in despair due to our allowances as a collective. We need let our unfolding come about naturally, then we'll know how to reach those without empathy by showing them ours...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


To give the truth completely away is better than being the only one to receive it...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


These sirens blaring their rapidness find that there is no more need for their noise, all is well.

So be it.

Love & Peace with God's unfolding agreement...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Our spirits needn't "fixing", they need be set free from our prideful human instruction toward destruction.

For thinking beasts we sure are a stupid lot...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

13th TRUTH

If we don't know the why or the what, what chance have we to know the who?

(It's the only chance you truly have of knowing something, the self.)

True. I know Me, Myself and I, a trilogy that means little without the whole of my brothers and sisters, all. Everybody get to know your true self so the collective can finally get to cherishing Home and all others before ourselves.

(It'll take a miracle, Scribe!)

So be it... Hello.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


We should all laugh more between kisses, it'd do the world some good...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


There are so many stories
So many tales woven of the tongue
So many truths within each and every one

Truth in the spirit it totes by our flesh
Bones acting as stilts to our unfolding marionette

Why should we deny our purpose any longer
The elixir of spirit awaits our song to grow stronger

A story worth repeating
a tale told in Heaven
A fleeting legend
best we create a story
worth repeating

You and Me, We
scribes in the making
A miracle by the collection of Life's awakening

Are we prepared to raise the stakes in our creation
Fledgling miracle-makers with a loving manifestation

Let us Love and Cherish, Forgive and Forget
An echo that comes 'round again we shan't regret

Live Love Laugh
While we're breathing still
The truth awaits ours,
then God's unfolding

Oh my God... I am,
We are the Godmakers
Shall We, with Me, create a miracle for God's sake

Change your minds about Me in your dance
Walk with Me and give me my second chance

I promise you a Heaven…


Death is another illusion in the spirit, it never ceases, and that is why it is tantamount that we create story's that are worth repeating...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Let the future tell not of our works, but our pleasure as stewards to all others despite their status, see them as equals, for that is the facts on the learning grounds of Heaven's gateway...

Live Love Laugh
All and in all ways, always.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


God is within all.

Yes. Not in a story, but within all. A Singular Exactness that would never create Hell, God, unwittingly, left that destruction up to us...

I am.

And We, the collective, are "satan", and that's what we might well have failed to see.

Thou shalt not judge, that and Love were somehow flipped in our use of them.

God forgives all as we are instructed to do as humanKind...

Satan's a tale of woe that has to go...

Love & Peace (She and He)

Forgiveness, is divine. Practice it to Perfection, and rejoice! πŸ™ƒπŸΎπŸ’š


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime



Perhaps I too should not buy what I'm told or read before I assume Anyone's reputation or what is written about them or by them, as should everyone when it comes to our all too often forgiving assumptions...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


You are most precious to God, for you give birth to God's Children of Creation.

You are all instinctual Mothers from birth as Queens of Home and Child as the (H)eartH Mother did long before I came along and mucked it up.

(You too are a Child of God, Mark.Father's never stop loving their children despite how it looks to your unfolding mess.)

It's not a mess, Mr. Righteous.


Okay! Now you're just creeping Me out! Time for a live one to come forth that his mouth might finally be of some service along with our unfolding spirits...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Find the thread
Flip the head-
Hello, God.

(Hello, Child.)

That's kinda creepy, yet simultaneously cool.

(I was thinking the same thing.)

Now that's just creepy.


Make God within!
Giddy-up and let's dance,
we're gonna build a magnificent miracle!

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The weight's only great because we've no patience to wait.

Our attention's too little and the question's too brittle.

The wait is equal to the weight
and the question's won't abate.

Is it too late to wait for the answers
or is the wait like the weight of cancer;
too soon to die, too late to cry,
we're just trying to survive
and all the answers sound like lies...?

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


We are all, bar none, the sons and daughters (peace and love keepers) of Home (God). All else is secondary.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Our society is imprisoned by money.

Money's grip on us must end, then we can finally be free. Prison is the model of fear's generation.

Being fearful is not illusory, yet it propagates great numbers toward recidivism, therefore fear's illusory exchange incarcerates the whole.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Let us assure that the seeds we plant bear fruit that produce seeds for the future gardeners of Heavenly Home...

Love & Peace

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Let's not blame others for their thoughts on religion, I mean if we truly understood their point of view, and I do, we'd be more understanding toward a fellow brother or sister of humanKind.

In many respects they're right in their assessments of religion and its hypocritical adherents.

God needn't religion, so neither do we. If we are to be Godlike, even humanlike, we will certainly be forgiving of all that find it a hard issue. If we are not forgiving, even in our virtual comments or replies, we'll have little room to speak of God or forgiveness and will simply join a growing horde of thoughtless sheep.

God blesses all, bar none...

Love & Peace

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


(This video is a sad testament to cruelty's enslavement.)

*God damns those seeking to profit from the destruction of Home!

**Don't we see that this is an evil disguised as a need, the ugly face of snarling greed?

***There are no damned excuses!

****Those perpetrating such despicable acts of cowardice are nothing more than thugs for corporation!

*****Rise up! Rise up, for God most assuredly damns it!

******The dogs being used as savage beasts are innocent animals trained on human grief!

*******I strongly urge the aggressors to stand down before the (H)eartH is left no choice, but to end their reign of terror.

********RISE UP!

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


On this day and every day
Freedom is Free.
It needn't a battle to be,
That's the saddest illusion.

Freedom's imprisoned by fear.
It only need be released,
Not held by patriotic servitude
Or terror's shackled memories
Or hatred's bloody vengeance!

This day needn't be sorrowful,
This day need find us loving,
Humbly recognizing ourselves,
Our kinship with all others,
Freedom's freely rising tallness!

The opposite of FREEdom
is the most costly enslavement of all.

WAR is Hell and HELL is War.

We are born Peacemakers and War would have us believe otherwise.

Remember this day and usher in PEACE, it is, without question, FREE...



© 2016 Mark Richard Prime