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Downturn trims list of billionaires
What remains for us to sing about when we’re alone? We’ve been left a tall rocking horse on the arid shores whose face is stopped in horror, fierce eyes, pale mane, and a faded mouth filled with graying, wicked teeth. It cannot be enough.

Teenage gunman kills 15 in German school attack
One can sense the pallid bend of eternity as it tumbles headlong off the peak.

(Have we been here before with an equally strange and untamed coldness?)

Surely our minds will strike a chord and summon our better selves? Without doubt. Yes? ...Without a...

Israel Stance Was Undoing of Nominee for Intelligence Post
The land remains, the waves bite the shore with thunder like shrill whores pacing outside a fortified gate in a land gone mad of money, torture, war and death, a constant noise percolates in the greed-murdered flesh.

Scattered Droplets of Inspiration.
Build the machinery that shall deliver us from here.

It’s not our job to rescue homes or clean our shores. It’s not o…

WEDNESDAY (3/11/09)

Alabama rampage leaves several dead
Storm of the wounded, the quieted dead snuffed down under. What will we do, drain ourselves of living? Where are we traveling in the smog-stacked spaces of dread...

Acidic seas fuel extinction fears
The sea crept by a sunken oil tanker, air bubbled out its blackened hull and called out, “In here! It’s safe enough!” The sea moved on without notice.

Madoff faces life in prison on 11 criminal charges
One more and he’d be a disciple, one less and he’d be Moses, as it stands, death will find him there.

CIA Torture: A Reckoning at Hand?
O agony has found his lover in this, with hooded face and shackled wrist, naked, they shall move together as one and assemble tombs in their offspring.

Bomber kills 33 at Iraq peace conference
They had removed their shoes and sought a silence over the blaring storm that shrieked across an engaged spirit, their many scarves, like a morning dew, longing to shroud the wounded world.

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SUNDAY (3/08/09)

US 'not winning in Afghanistan'
The useful truths, which are now dead, had something more to offer. They held something greener in a land overwrought with war, hemorrhaging of empire’s lance, crawling with the decaying carcass of liberation.

Authors Warn That Many Textbooks Distort Religion
Our gods, like the books we consume, often convey our red imaginings, others bring joy to a solemn day, while others convene gray death. It is the same of modern history, written, and rewritten, by mortals.

Economic News Continues To Sour
O hopeful and poor are the future stewards, their appetite for a new land shall only be eclipsed by their starvation.

Study: Widows 'forgotten victims of Iraq'
In the center of these women, where astonishing energies of things like the savor of love, the curl in their child’s hair, the way rain drops upon a roof and how the rivers smell, and the way their men so easily touch upon their dreams has forever changed.

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