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Another Endless Line

What is walking with spindly, awkward legs
alongside the Kalahari? It beckons such beautiful skin.
What is it that runs its outrageous shattering
end to end the wholesome Okavango River?
It has no shackle, is unfettered its reign,
driving crudely over landlocked souls, pelting
a most eager children.

“Lefatshe la Botswana”- Africa, Namibia,
Zambia, Zimbabwe, characters of these
cower not to the pouring,
save for death.

What walks naked toward our sun?
Sense its hunger beckoning-
O! Have not a doubt
it shall traverse our swamp,
peer into all of us and,
free to move about its tall shattering,
stoop over us and ask,
“Why did you do nothing?”

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

Battle Lines

The battle begins when we engage the loving spirit and relinquish our grip on fear, which means, at this juncture of our use, we've more to fear from our deficit of Love than we do from the surplus of fear...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Strength, Peace, Forgiveness

Dear Love
I need make amends for my crimes


I know you saw me differently, but I failed miserably this time
Give me another chance, I pray
I’ll soar with Love and give this belief away
I’ve been dancing nearby
so tired, my friend
I’ve come to bow at the foot of truth in this neverend
I often didn’t recognize
your needs before my own
so I know my days are numbered and that I’m not alone
I wonder what it will be in this, our newly imagined space
and, in this belief, out of the many,
will comfort ever find the human race?


It’s suitable so far
and the truth, as near as I can trace
Give it a roll
you’ll be glad you did I know
not as retribution, but as the truth echoing Home
Echoing there and back
across this Heavenly globe of belief woven in fact
I don’t know, I simply believe I’m remembering my place
this glimpse at fate! I’m just a rat in this race
skeletons of the past that none of us have faced


The (H)eartH has its reasons stamped in Life’s blood
It’s the way …

Truth of Love

What is the truth of Love? That it is eternal? Forgiving? Laughing? Loving?


Love is forgiving, as my Lovely angel Love can attest. Love is laughter's entryway, loving, its reward...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Delivered Home

I kind of mangled it all a bit, but your love of me is felt and I am most grateful and humbled to have been delivered Home. It’s Home, or you can drop me off at fear, but only Love will bring me the truth swimming beneath my skin, calling on me to act. Cleanse the Mother, bless the Grandmother and pray to the Great-Grandmother, to humankind’s beholden. God, it’s been too long, for none could ever have been thinking it was ever really a good idea to destroy the eartH. Humankind must have felt obligated, considering the use of her and with far more fervor served upon fear than ever tasted Love.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Love, Prosper

It only felt right to begin with Love and carry it with me out of the fear of my own making, then prosper greatly this creation of a belief to begin its journey forth and dance with each and every spirit as the spirits saw fit, it was not of my choosing in the least...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

What You Know That I Don't Know

The "thing" that is not going to happen is not going to "happen", imagine that, at least it is imagined in my prayers...

(Trust in them, Scribe! It's you that haven't the faith enough to make it matter that you give your mind away in earnest!)

I am not in control of my answers from the spirit, I'm not responsible enough to have the honors! No way, no how.

And, no, that's not fear, that's Love...

(I wasn't going to say anything.)

Spirit must have had your tongue! Welcome to Heaven! Will that be toking or non, just you and your entire family in one big loving bowl? Pray tell?

(Are you talking to yourself now, Scribe?)

No. I'm referring to what you know that I don't know spirit, if, it is for no other reason but to incite some tool of ignorance? intelligence matters far less than the lessons found in ignorance, we say don't have it, but to violence.

And now I know that she and I are one, we're certainly staying together, so if…

The Two Lovebirds and the Dog

The two lovebirds and the dog, sounds like a nice title for a story, eh?

(For a sappy story!)

Perhaps, but I was thinking more along the lines of a story of two angels, lovebirds, and their loving companion, the warmth in what might be an otherwise loveless day.

I’m keeping this going, and my Love has her grasp of me tangled up in her Heart(H) and me tangled up in our hearts my (H)eartH in me…

If I was going to meet the force of darkness in the hell of my making, I thought why can’t I go there purposefully, why wouldn’t I imagine even the darkness as part of the fullness of Love’s purpose?

(Silence and sound, but there I go repeating myself, and the rest that grew out from that are belief, not necessarily reality. See? I don’t pretend to be anything that I can’t myself summon, so why not summon Love? Well in my upside down headed thinking, I came up against a storm of activity, the spirits were in a tizzy, so I thought I might straighten their course toward full Love and leave my fea…