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Days Kissed In Greed (30th Violent Verse of 2010)

(Less is more)
Blistered in the sand, the metal escapes within her face! Taken from the ground, lifted without consent! Has she misplaced her grin, her joyfulness released by hell’s hounds tilting down? Can we together lift her head high enough to glimpse the tree line, that frame of nature standing tall around her fallen and faceless people? Might we cut them down to erect more things; blade and teeth, gun and grenade and bombs, plunged from our backpacks of vigorous anger?

She wants to know why metal tastes bitter... like love breaking inside of revulsion.

She wants to know who she is, now that we've found her wanting, found her probing our reasons.

We don’t have the answers she seeks, we never had them, they've been bleeding out, a flood of questions, tiny tempests whirling beneath our feet and above our heads. We forget suffering out of our seeking joy like a lost child found unsafe inside of us, she seeks a reason to smile and walk lightly around the original graves.


Let Us Be Together (29th Violent Verse of 2010, Head-Lines)

Mother Kills Baby for Interrupting Farmville
Oh! Let me take your arms and bring you away from this; your virulent rage.

Arkansas School Official Resigns Over "Gays Should Commit Suicide" Comments
Unfasten yourself from it and walk your goodness into the light.

Relatives Say Man Who Threatened Dem Senator Under Glenn Beck's Spell
Call it magic now, your vow with death. Name it after your first stillborn.

Peter King Claims American Muslims do not Cooperate to Combat Terrorism
Allow breath to enter the wailing chamber like a hungry jackal's scourge.

Steve King: Children Will be Raised in Warehouses if Conservatives Don't Defend Marriage
Let’s not write man off just yet, instead permit forgiveness to sway his union

111 Republican Incumbents and Candidates Want to Eliminate The Dept. of Education
Too late to think or learn. Give me your arms.

© 2010 by mark prime

Let Go of Your Book (28th Violent Verse of 2010)

Let go of your book before your veins dry up like the brittle limbs of ancient man. Prayers for your escape will be returned without breath, they will not persuade truth to shroud you from it. The love and goodness swim beneath the sagging skin around our eyes.

Pray that truth survives.

© 2010 by mark prime
Courage Campaign - Take Action

(Major Love)

The Rocket Ship (27th Violent Verse of 2010)

This needs to be said, not withheld.

Humankind cannot avoid truth staring in his face like winter’s bitter wind. If he touches upon coldness, the torturous frost, he’ll know he’s gone too far in the labyrinth without end, without exit or love.

As the winter bares man’s likeness, his eyes begin to soften in the light; the scent, the taste, the touch, sound and flesh; rocket ships navigating truth like vultures circling providence.

Heed this; steadily we’ll end our vow to one another, we’ll end our love like winter’s almanac crashing through the ground, overlooking that we’ve been here before.

When found to be tall and foolish, our collusion carries the truth beneath its scrape and carts away our affection like garbage bins tipped in the wind, waste spills forth, shame steals our eyes and makes us long for tomorrow.

Oh! We must moisten our lips and speak of a certainty hidden away, that which can never be extinguished, for goodness ingests our bile as our kinship sings beneath the clou…

We'll Breathe (26th Violent Verse of 2010)

(Children on Peace) We may have written this; our end with a bitter lament and cry, we may have lost our way back and might, like water, dive.

Have we not found our way? When will our prayers fly away and bridge doubt with reflection glancing off love’s red casement?

Like our love is seizing goodness and certainty fluttering gladness as if humanity were reaching out, we’ll breathe.

They may bomb us with contempt and trip us with hateful limbs and turn our eyes in their deceit, we’ll breathe.

Our haste might madden men with little time for truth; men of convictions set like metronomes marking off days like doom.

Donning peace like housecoats we’ll breathe. Wearing hope like gas masks we’ll breathe. Wielding love like field guns we’ll breathe.

We are the rainforest, the rising skies, stunning creatures with varied throats. We are the seeds of one tree, the heart of one stone, the soul of the stirring air, we’ll breathe.

© 2010 by mark prime

Ignorance Aflame (25th Violent Verse of 2010)

Violence is a tool of the ignorant.

Flames touched down. Knowledge awoke rather late, yet its nemesis of doubt, ignorance, burning and derelict, arrived with the dawn and loitered next to our clacking teeth, quaking hands, spines bereft of certainty, yellowed from self-abuse, housed in shells of coldness.

Upon the last inhalations of clean air in a pale sunrise a dove cooed above the storm like a siren over the noise and smog, beyond the squalor, from street to broken street of the fire-walled capitals, a shrieking inferno of stanch boundaries, dreadfully difficult to imagine as backdrop for our blissful howl that trembles by the fire.

© 2010 by mark prime

Ignorance Kills via Sakinao 8
Ignorance According to Thomas H. Huxley

The Pledge (the 24th Violent Verse of 2010)

I followed you.

Your footprints led me here, maps that moved ahead of the bullet, before the blade, the knuckle and the belt.

You are fading.

I followed you in the fog of affection, my tears washing away the blood printed by your feet.

Your heart thumped a prayer, a plea for now, for immediacy. You clasped your nameless hands and called for an end to the ache, an end to the widening bruise that stands inside you, boots of steel, fists of rage and your skin scraped away. At your grave I’ll lay a wreath of flowers made from my own flesh and vow to you, no more. An end to angers teeth upon your love, I pledge.

© 2010 by mark prime

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