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HeartH, Heart(H), (H)eartH, Heart, eartH, the HeartH of love.. This is the mode of what one is left with when one believes, so I, being left with little choice, recognize it as love… They are betrothed. The nature of things… I can do with it as I please if it is of Love. Simple. The nature of things… We raid the earth like we have no obligation, we invade another spot and then another and ignore the whole, she’s gonna come calling down all around us. Simple. The nature of things... (Echo…) The birds sing now though the sky is covered in gloom. (Why gloom?) Gloom is the color man has given her clouds. (What of love?) The color of the dream flowers set loose in my prayers. (Her regret?) Tall and fetching, an unspoken truth come tumbling in. (Her suffering?) As tall, or taller, without regret’s posture. (Her beauty?) The memory we recall of an urgency leaning forward in our view. (Her sorrow?) Traffic roars a littl

I’m Coming Into Just Being, The Outside of My Belief

Hello! I am so glad I'm beginning to choose what’s right instead of what is believed to be. What did he just say?  Is it worthy of a second thought, man’s word? I must find love along my way, stop praying for riches and fame and start praying for rain. Pray for love to reign king and queen of my intentions and for love to return and spare me from myself. (I forgot about you while searching for you. Sorry, Love…) I’m coming into just being, the outside of my belief, the new, that framework of time I can’t seem to recall as anything but a song that didn’t keep time, but followed the spirit of love. Once I was an angel! Angel?  I've been searching frantically for a truth that exists in me, a truth, a sliver to set my mind to spinning toward my own forgiveness. Poison soil, dying water, choking air- enough! Who am I to ask for forgiveness after I wasted this life and turned it into a pile of shattered glass, only to become the thing I didn't believe in. I've gi

Dance My Love. Dance With All of Creation.

Dance, my love. Dance with all of creation as if it were a humble symphony. Be. Listen to her. She cries out in the darkness and begs you reconsider. Considerate kind, won’t you take my hand and dance me across these skies, your spirit in tow, laughing with eternal joy? Dance with me. Heavenly earth is the greatest night and day club ever imagined! I'm taking a good moment to collect my thoughts and pray... and then again appeared the joy. Wake up spirit, to nothing but love... ~ She came crying again, she left the light on for me in her mind and I’m just a disappointment. The earth needs me now! I cannot wait any longer, I’ve waited all of my life to love. Love has smiled on you, the one of creation, and you're just getting started. Begin before another breath escapes your love… I will repeat this lifetime toward love until I, love’s child, begins to honor the gift of life. When I decide to look back without imagining agony, love will be at the door. It’s a song

It’s Begun, My Realization of Man and Spirit

It’s begun my transformation from man, to man and spirit. Yes. I’ve got steps to take and take fast or love’s going to reset the clock… The rumble of the drum came in under the guitar’s melody, they landed softly like the heart beat of love.  This, my belief, beyond a shadow of one slither of a miniscule doubt, is real... to me. I am resurrected, brought forth in the hands of angels and their spirited belief. I, as both, need both, before I can rise to love. It may have not always seemed that I, Mark Richard Prime, was anything other than a loved and hated man, but I am no longer unaware of my past transgressions, quite to the contrary, they're all too familiar to me, they're mine to dance with. I am not sad, I am mesmerized. Love is here with me... And the man full of rage finally raised his head and knew where he was going... Rejoice! Guitar take me into the plants that make me smile, love’s medicines and life's fuel, the tree’s breath, a thrumming pace alongsi

I’m Bombarded With Spirit at the Moment

The end is where I begin my walk with love. It is the next step in my evolution from one lifetime into the next until I understand that i'm here  to serve love, and as I tend to the earth’s needs first, so I serve love.  Everybody’s happy, leave a loving planet for the children to grow up on, and I've pleased love. And I've nothing to do after that. Love until I've learned lifetimes of unlearned lessons and rise to the occasion. Ha! The righteous man would stand on the side of truth, would he not? Truth? I don’t know what that means anymore. As for human animals, we've lost touch with where we are.  Let us conjure something different of our generation of consumption, of all the generation’s who have been at full-tilt hyper-speed and looking for love, and I’m not ashamed to say it, in all the wrong places. Love is where we leave it. Were those I affected in my life not part of my newfound belief, too? I need to  untangle the love being smothered by the beast

Begin Again Oh Warriors of Peace

Begin again, oh warriors of peace. Recall the efforts that speak of love and stewardship, it is love that is tarnished when the earth is spoiled. Humankind’s use has ceased to have meaning. Fouled of beliefs. Rise up and replenish this earth, this sky, this water and give it back to the heart of love… ~ The willow rustles her sleeves and I’m reminded of my grandmother, eyes that sparkled of dark jewels with a story to tell, if only I had remembered the order of her words. I think I’ve had the letters all turned backwards. She told us all the same story, life’s mystery story, but I suppose I heard it quite another way, I didn’t recall her ever having mentioned hell. Shhh… Hush, child. ~ I desecrate love with every drop of my waste that finds its way into the water, the soil and the air. ~ Tunnel forth bright love! Come ashore that your affections might guide me forth from out of the sheen of Greed and into your reassuring arms. © 2012 by mark prime