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(Pic from Awaken Past Lives - Self-Love)

It may sound familiar, but I've crafted a new layer of Love within it. I hope you find this prayer worthy of repeating... __Anonymous

The end and the beginning are unseen. It is life’s mystery. I needn't concern the self with the hereafter I need concern myself with the now. "Time" is irrelevant...

The ark has set sail at last. I rejoice at your great fortune! The eartH waits on me if I’ll but believe…

This game has been afoot longer and more times than I care to imagine, than I've hope of remembering, yet I must, and it is beyond the frame of human, beyond the man-made thing called time- Tick tock goes the fool late for the truth again...

Overtime! How many is hard to imagine, but this one is my chance to make it Home without suffering anymore at my craven hands. Love, awaken! Love, awaken! Love come forth that you might heal my wounds and offer another breath to worship what’s known deep inside my soul! Open my heart and …


(Deviant Art - eartH Love)
You think I’m not ready, don’t you spirit? You imagine me wallowing as I’ve always done, but this course is not so easy to follow with all the roadblocks we put up to keep us from recognizing the whole of her Love!

The eartH, the Mother eartH.

It is written backwards to mask the suffering as another’s fault, or Creation’s doing, or belief’s comeuppance, or righteousness disguised as the murderer of evil when Love is the target all along…

(Think! Think for a second!)

I trust in Love. She has always caught me after I’ve fallen away from her gravity. She’s never failed me. I, on the other hand, have most certainly failed her. I have treated her unkindly, I have misrepresented her love, I have abused my privileges with her far too many times, it is now hers to keep, this loving belief, she will decide, not you, not me, but she! The Mother gets the last word to us human’s of flesh and bone. We must heed her ode as if meant for our individual selves, her thinking b…


This is the spirit, not in prayer, but in silence.

Before I danced, I imagined myself swept up in the Spirit- She moaned, I wept…

The breeze again blows through only this time as I pray.

The truth exists. The truth is unknowable in the flesh and maybe even in the spirit. I imagine, I do not know that the spirit sees nearer to exactness, I merely believe. The mountains are sacred in my belief, the water is sacrosanct, the soil is most loved and the air is sweet. In my belief the eartH is sovereign, on her shores nothing is owned, life is not taken for granted, as long as she breathes. Humankind must recall their duty, their original promise to the living eartH.

(Remember, this eartH breathes and she’ll not hesitate to mend man’s venomous march with her undulating grief.)

Do I wait for a sign to hold me away from further destruction, or do I wait for her to speak her choice without need of further instruction? Will I understand her meaning only too well when instinct deliberates furth…


(Khoras - The Mist Forest)
The clench came dreaded as the days of war, the sabotage- mine to befall the crown upon the queen Mother’s Heart(H) of Creation.

(Did you find the eartH a living organism? Did you also find the (H)eartH to be the Heart(H) of all of Creation, as far as you imagined the unknowable?)

But it is not unknown. She is the Mother eartH, the one hope, humankind’s savior! She has come to bid me wake from my tired slumber of Love and instead feast my open eyes upon her most Heavenly spirit?

Did you not want me to proceed with a vengeance upon my cowardice? Did you not want me to tumble headlong down your gleeful path into the fullness of Love? I chose to create Heaven instead of a hellish scene. Instead of allowing the Creator, whatever it might be, to discipline humankind as the Mother saw fit, we imagined ourselves stories with human fear cloaked in righteousness as the end to all of this.

I alone do not craft this song, the songbird’s melody, the late night breeze, the…


(Viator - Cool Air Wafting)
I cannot know the thing that in my belief is set to happen before it smiles its groove and I remember. Remember all of the words floating by in the bird’s song, upon the wafting air, upon the most contented breeze, upon the most comforting hold of me that it can, that my upside-down head has finally seen the light. I’m a new man. I don’t know anything more that any other can conjure, but if I’ll treat the eartH as most sacred within the groove of God and Spirit and the Mother Love, surely Creation will have cause to rejoice…
(You’re caught between a rock and a hard place! Stuck in your thinking and a virus alert comes to frantically pace the kingdom of eartH.)
Out damned spot! Merge your message to the center of me! She knows of my dilemma, she herself has crafted this belief inside of me. Like I said, I’ve had my brain turned upside-down so the outcome’s been one of trepidation, instillation and instrumentation and of the human guilt of having destroyed the …


Who knows when exactly I began to dance with full Spirit, I found myself tethered to the fearful spirit swimming by, and more fearful of my story of love, as if theirs weren’t the same, just flipped upside down. Agony and Heaven don’t come last, they come first!

I will abide by what The Mother and the eartH have to provide within a loving belief and I will say that this belief is everyone’s for it is absolute Truth!

(Boom goes Creation, boom goes God, boom goes the Mother, boom sends her children full Love.)

One is human and one is eartH, one is the giver of all Life, the other shares her genetic love with the Mother and Father eartH, the Grandmother and Grandfather, the Great Grand Mother, all women, the Great Grand Father, all men, all.

(Good point.)

The children are sacrosanct all. They have more full love within them, it’s just what the doctor ordered! Not propagating my kind into oblivion, but into a fullness of Love found in the spirit of the (H)eartH…

Yes my Love! Right away my…

Why Would I Struggle So

(Ben Heine Art)
I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word. __Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m creating this reality of mine, so get thee away from me fetid fear! Take your wars and your famine and your thirst from these grounds forthwith! You’re not needed here! The eartH breathes for Love not for thee! I, for one, will fight tooth and nail for the eartH of Creation, make no mistake…
I am a sovereign entity! I am my self! And you are fear and I will not let you conquer Love! Love’s a sovereign entity, a most blessed consideration! The eartH is Heavenly if not Heaven, so be gone with your jagged edge and ragged tongue!
O! Let us bring full Love to breathing its fullness across the eartH like respiratory angels sowing their affections!
It matters not if it’s real or imagined, i…

Abilities Born of Angels

(Mind Detox)
We might need a bigger Love than the one we’ve been believing in. We’ll need full Love to deliver us from the unknowable. It may well be that she is most ready, and needn’t another child to imagine for her another…

(What the heck are you going to do if you don’t or can’t imagine anything?)

Consider myself lucky, look where beliefs have dragged the eartH, there’ll be no need for another! What a damned waste, undecided spirit!

(Me? What tragedy would you craft of her unrequited Love, scribe?)

I wouldn’t. This belief is a Love story. Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Great-Grandmother, Great-Grandfather, sister, brothers, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews, cousins and family and all and everything! I tell you that I deserve what might come my way while on the pathway from Love, it’s the pathway to Love that makes up for my sightlessness.

(But now you see. You need return to your abilities born of angels and begin your sworn duty and walk with full Love…)

It’s not too …


(You entered in stoutly like a bull crafted from the flesh of the fearful spirits!)

Act. Do not wait for the eartH to rumble her sorrowful song, to smother her creation, to salvage what she can of the spirits stomping all over full Love without regard to her breathing! We must ready ourselves for the inundation of the Spirit of Love, not the stampede of fear that will tell our minds that there’s something better the intelligence of (hu)mankind can create!

(Humankind has built more weapons against themselves one belief at a time, instead of any of the Truth that you could possibly know moving your way from those spirits that have so fearfully woven through themselves into you and become your belief! Fearful righteousness is blather compared to the rape of the eartH!)

She is my beholden, she is my beholden, my truth…

(Remember- Your brother loves you, the truth in that is most full, overflowing with the dreams of humankind brought forth through fearful belief!)

Examine Love&God, GodL…


(Polyvore) The airplane’s timed to make its flight over at the moment of my impactful prayer within the HeartH, Heaven and Home. Home is where the eartH is. It is a thing that I alone must reckon with in order to foster my fullness of Love. It is a struggle at times, but it is the stewardship of Love, the duty that humankind was born to perform in their thankfulness. Humankind’s creations mean relatively little if the Mother eartH falls at our hand. Imagine then? Love is most essential, she pounds at us with her eartH throbbing from the pace found in man’s hyper-thinking when she should be dancing with her children of her eartH and Love, perhaps. I don’t know anything worth such the fortune of this story found in me…

I know it all sounds like it’s way out there, but trust me when I say that everything’s going to be okay in the (never)end- What if I take action before it’s time?

Trust in Love and God to guide you along, Mark.

What if I waited too long before I began to speak?

Trust in L…

I Believe That Where I Am is...

I believe that where I am is heaven, and I believe that heaven shall be revealed along with love if I'll but believe while I am here upon the earth. This is simply the birthplace of belief, not the seat from which it sprang

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime

9.03.1984-2012 Feels like a pale remembrance

(You are Not Alone - Major Love
(I've been saying this a long time. A whisper in the night, a nudge within the day, but it's all been coming out backwards, or has it?)

Sounds like a David Lynch script.

(David Lynch is a genius, Nimrod!)

Then it is we that are not...

What’s come of this, our day? Feels like a pale remembrance as if we've not slept since, or our eyes never fully opened, living near death, over and over, never realizing what we've done.

The dead walk by our closed doors just as they did before. Maybe years from now someone will open them and see there’s no one there, open the cupboards and gaze at the ghost’s of a bare boned affection that move about in the living dust, in the echoes of our dancing within the last of our days, even if there’s nothing worth remembering or somehow it all got misplaced, perhaps tucked away for a rainy day, a keepsake for tomorrow that never came… or never was.

Walk with heads held high, honor all the love that’s be…


(Hope and Love)
We are all children of Love. We are born to love.

(You are called now to a much higher purpose than your gated community, which will soon whisper dread instead of love. Conjure fear before full Love and you reap what you’ve sewn, Mark Richard Prime!)

Am I not indebted to her? Am I not “thinking” in the least? My mind is one to figure out! Where have I been imagining an end myself? Has it been in the whispers and sideways glances of those that have yet to understand my dilemma or is it the shackles found in my fear of the unknown unknowable?

(Where do you draw the line, Nimrod? Is it between a newly repopulated and vibrant paradise for angels or is it a renewed and vibrant paradise with the many stewards at the ready? You’re caught between the greed and the sacrifice, Mark. You best get to sacrificing yourself to let fly the true voice of Love in your words, though they can be used to scare, used for riches that pale in comparison to the results of full Love, you must se…


Let us dance upon this stage of humbling sacredness! Her water needs our full attention, her soil and air and forest and mountain need our full Love to emerge or her rumble may be heard in the distance…

Cleanse the eartH of Creation of human waste and indifference. Flesh and blood and bone and sustainable nature and the stars and moon, the sun and sky, breathe in the fullness of her most sacred Love…

Eternity is a very long time, but in truth, have we not been eternal all along? How else would it have been done? The thought of eternity without human thought would have never been a “thought” in the first place. Right?

Then why the long faces? You are there already, this is eternity and the eartH, as far as I am able to discern, is heaven for flesh and bone and spirit, we’ve just managed to be sightless and fearful for all of our “known” existence, it’s time to change all of that and emerge as Love. The next phase in our progression…

A fearful beast is weak. An aware animal is called f…


Did you think me incapable, spirit? Did you imagine I’m not up to the challenge of Love? You might have had some pretty solid evidence of my fear overriding my love in the past, but I am living a moment that will never arrive as I imagined and I am not the same man after witnessing Heaven. I am no longer alone. I have the spirit of Creation breathing through my veins and Love is present with every in and exhalation.

Stop thinking anything other than, “Trust in Love.” If it isn’t loving, Love doesn’t desire it. If it is love, then send it forth with gladness in your Heart(H)…

(The traffic roars in with its own version of humankind’s imagined end… Boom. Boom. Boom goes the eartH…)

Eternal structure, heavenly orb, do swing me skyward, that I may, in my return to eartH, look upon you with nothing less than Love…

(The Mother is the key. Be humble in your words and be righteous within your belief…)

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


Creation is much better off than expected given the journey with Love upon the whole of the eartH, ready to face the consequences of her with full Love and not the sufferings of fear…

(One rises from the dead, spiritually speaking, when one chooses only Love…)

The dead and dying are not lifeless, they are a part of it, the spirit, their shells toted about as if they were hand grenades, without a pin among them, grown too heavy from the utter stagnation of belief…

(Clapped the thunder, rolled the lightening, spat the rain- a sign was given in the storm, the light show did bedazzle your belief-stricken Love…)

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


The kindness comes from the one Kind, the painting that expands when in full Love, an exquisite Harmony of Love and Sound.

(Have you really been unconscious that damned long, Mark Richard Prime?)

The roar of a jet engine pierces the pathway and I tumble headlong out of that particular start…

(You must journey inward to yourself, otherwise, what’s your reason for being here on eartH?)

The birds chime in with their halo of songs, each a lullaby for the thought that came before. The battle is set, the sides have been chosen, one is Love, the other is Fear. Chomping at the bit with great eagerness, the trap was set by Love and she needs to know the truth in my actions! Just speak the truth over her sustenance, beneath her teeming river, and upon the mountain’s cascading desire. Love’s longing to change humankind’s thinking so that the mountains are sufficient enough to hold them from the sky of our imaginations.

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


(Humblepiety - Belief)
Perhaps, whoever has the most loving belief, symbolically speaking, becomes Love, by having Creation favor their imaginations before all others? Maybe “the best”, in this phase of our existence, comes from Love?

The power of Love has blown my mind. If my mind hasn’t arrived at full Love yet, it shall…

The enterprise was too damned fast, captain!

(She does snatch one rather quickly my dear spirit.)

Perhaps, since we’ll be in prayer in Heaven most of the time, all suffering is over?


I don’t know, but I believe it beyond a shadow of any unnatural fear…

(The lesson is grand and purposeful beyond your little imagination, Mark Richard Prime.)

Am I being deceived along my path? Are there those that being derived from Love somehow set them to imagining that they were God instead of just stewards at this stage in our progression? Have they given way to greed, another of the many words derived from fear? Have you somehow danced within me and set up camp? The campf…