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Prayer's Entrance

Prayer enters with God.

(You mean God enters with prayer?)

No. God remains, no real need to enter. See?

(Still sounds off somehow?)

Pray that all ears begin to hear it honestly. Pray we begin to sense the truth behind mankind's foul charade! Wake up, friends and family! Awaken! Everything is changing, all things change! Let's tell our story with a great gladness!

All is/are in my veins, the strains, the pains-
the rains of our storm are not going to fall.

Everything is changing as the sun sets down another day of war (of prideful politicking; lies unfolding in their mouths, every last one of them!)...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

Your Instruments

The books are wrong, they are not meant to be your instruments of torture, war and grotesque suffering! Religious leaders of all stripes need be cautious when amending the desire of God, we can remedy this by having a sane conversation about the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. Not change our beliefs beyond doubt.

The reason the "church" is here is that humanity is the church not just those that file into a building to give praise to God on any given Sunday! Thing is, the people have lost their truth and warred away their empathy, not much left but a bunch of bleached bones and tiny fragments of human genius...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

Their beat goes on...

They're "Takin' It Easy", there ain't no more Desparado in these icons of glory and righteousness, whose words and whose voices we attached ourselves to, adhered to their revolutions, so now, with their spirits, we shall rise to the beat of a collective drum...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Anyone that foolishly makes promises is not a fool, they are not understanding the dance will commence backwards toward equilibrium. I'd say the fool is in good company.

We are all contributing... if that's true, have we reason to doubt it?
Let's give (H)eartH her motherly due. I say it's the way forward...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


It would be most tragic to wake up and be enslaved by that which has no interest in your reality...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Yes. We can forgive and forget.
There’s beauty in all things that are natural to Creation’s unfolding.
Too many human actions have been and continue to be ugly. Question is, why? What on earth could have us murdering, raping, pillaging, oppressing, starving, demeaning, torturing, warring and scoring? ENOUGH!

Do not enter your halls of worship without first having done your duty

Do not imagine that your books tell even remotely near the truth in our story!

This is Heaven!

Wake up!



It… Is… What… We… Believe… Of… It…

These words, my friends, are not a belief, they are a truth among many.

God is all things, known and unknown, best we find our equilibrium, before we begin another tumbledown into our fearful beliefs…

RISE UP! I am…who and what you need me to be, same can be said of Home…

Love and I are One, yet if this has been my last will and testament, it needed some influence, I thought, why not the souls of all contributing to their own storied outcome.

© 2016 Mark R…