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SUNDAY (2/08/09)

Obama: Stimulus bill far from perfect
But no one wants a flawless crown dangling over the heads of state, reflecting off the Aquia sandstone- our leaders are blind enough as it is.

Biden vows break with Bush era foreign policy
The shoreline cinders of hell fiercely glow along the path of the departed band of thieves who look back hoping for a revival of their deeds. (O! If only they’d the eyes to observe such agony!)

Baby boy savaged to death by family dogs
‘The baby is dead! He is dead!’ She screeched to heaven which faintly glowed in her mind. There the dogs shadowed winged beasts over the corpse strewn streets of war.

Australian bushfires death toll hits 35
Ravaging, pitching, unyielding, the fires crouched upon the land like a hungry lion in the brush, where numbers mean nothing.

Dominant Species?
We see ourselves here in the great gleam, not adrift, but navigating our dazzling craft. In truth, we’re simply plotting our course.

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