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Methodical Prayer

I sense a method to things,
to the story unfolding as I pray.
I sense its violin deep within,
the spirit's mortal instrument
serenading us in Heaven.

(Wake up, ya idgit!)

I'm fully awake, finely-feathered spirit.


Merely translating my dreams.

(In what language?)


(Never heard of it!)

Then you are the one that need awaken.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


From a conservative standpoint, humans kill people with guns, etc, from a liberal standpoint guns, etc, used by humans kill people. Two sides of the same coin. Blah blah blah... the root of the problem is humans, the surface of the problem is fear... the gun is the instrument. Better to pick up a violin and play it than a gun and kill, right? The rest is blah blah blah and doesn't get into the root...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

the Echo of Mark Richard Prime, the Flip-side to our We, Me.

This is the Echo... I offer you Smokey and the Mirror, a metaphor in my belief that rings a bell as to the unfolding taking place now. WHen it begins sliding down and out of control, the truth is summoned to change Peace in Love's mind.
My path is my own, it can be no other way, so I thought I would change that and make it about everyone, with me being the least. It is selflessness in its most comforting form, not, "O my God! We're in agony! Help us!", but in a more comfortable God who needn't such absolutes in the constant flux. I offer no absolute, I'm human on his way to God. Come along if you choose! Rules were meant to be BROKEN!
Belief is a powerful tool when used to divide from instead of to join with. See?
It's less about what we believe in ourselves, but what is being believed in the whole spirit, the kit and kaboodle, don't lose your kit for your kaboodle or visa versa, this is the God train and it's rolling just enough to take on…

The Treasure

A: Is our not knowing Hell?

B: But I do know.

A: What do you know?

B: That all things are of God.

A: Are you in Heaven?

B: No. I am on (H)eartH, Heaven is above us.

A: Isn't Heaven where you believe it to be and not where you know it to be?

B: This is more like Hell.

A: It is if we believe it is.

B: Everything is agony that isn't with God in Heaven.

A: Then believe that you are with God in Heaven as it is on (H)eartH.

B: Plagiarist!

A: Ha!

B: Heaven's gotta be better than this.

A: Why?

B: The (H)eartH is where we've been sent to learn of God.

A: And what have we learned of the (H)eartH?

B: It's not flat.

A: Is that it?

B: It's temporary.

A: Doesn't it provide us everything we need without asking for anything in return?

A: God gives us all we need.

A: Then we should cherish Home as if it were the Heart(H) of God's Creation.

B: If you want God to strike you down you'll worship the (H)eartH.

A: Why would God strike me down for cherishing the one thin…

The Answer Is...

I do not know, my friend.
but I agree with Dylan,
the answer is blowin' in the wind.

Lady Peace says,
it's all messed up but we're alive,
it's all messed up but we'll survive.

Depeche said,
I dissolve in trust,
I will sing with joy,
I will end up dust,
I'm in heaven.

Angelika and Demons say,
in the stone you're not alone
the never-ending home keeps you warm, from the cold

This is a Heavenly Home to Me,
but still, Adam, dear friend,
with Bob I most agree,
the answer's blowin' in the wind.

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Pray It Forward

Pray for the collective, for all and everyone, known and unknown. It, I believe, is the way to finding ourselves as we should be, One.

There is truth in numbers, especially One.

Exactness seeks us within as we seek it outside of ourselves. Pray we find our way forward, no more division, no more wars, no more prideful absolutes without the whole within them.

Pray that it will be so...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Infinite With

Oil is as finite as money. Cooperation is infinite, with or without humankind.

All things cooperate, even the building blocks of Life, even the universe, the constant flux, etc, all things.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Water Main

Bless the water, for when it enters the soil (the body), Life begins and shall remain.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Rising Sun

We’re a rising sun
We’re a burgeoning paradise
We’re a vessel of One
We’re a thrumming drum
We’re with God and Goddess
We’re with wind and water
We’re the Mother and Father
We’re the sons and daughters
The vessels of choice
The conscious voice
The righteous believers
The (H)eartH’s receivers

We are the rising congregation
A sacred configuration
We are the human race
A caring face
We are the angels of grace
A system in place
Sisters and Brethren
Breathe Love
Exhale Peace
Arrive in Heaven

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

All, Not Some

If you construct a "belief" to persuade others of its "truth", be sure that all and not just some are worthy of the salvation you've woven within it, then your belief can become an actuality, belief/reality. Rejoice!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

I am

I’m a cresting rainbow
a waterfall
a thunder clap
and a lightening roll
a human bearer of love
a scroll
a scribe
a magician
a mortal forgiven
a bolt beneath the radar
a child joyfully becoming
the fullness of Peace

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Little Poets

Children are beautiful little poets
Hear them thrum the floor of Heaven
Hear their plea for Love's breath
Hear their cry for Peace's breadth
Sense their wings before they've flown
Sense their joy to sense your own

Children are beautiful little poets

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Be Free

Be the change
Be the whole thing
Be the one you see
Be free

Be the change now
Be the wings set free
Be the Love
Be the Peace

Be the change for good
Be the truth within you
Be the thing we do
Be yourself with Me

Be the change in We
Be the kindness in Me
Be the light
Be the sight

Be the change
Be the whole thing
Be the one you see
Be free

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime