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It is amazing! 
(Ain't it?)
We've so much good fortune in our physical realm, but it seems we do not truly appreciate the gift of Home, of (H)eartH. Let's correct our flight and begin to soar with the same majesty that holds us and offers us many blessings, if we'll but cherish it...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We have created God from our stories, yet God is not of our creation alone. The One Exactness, Creator of all things great and small, is an entity that we exist upon and within, not something we created from belief, but that always was and will be. We add our stories to the collection of stories we've told from our beginning in order to move forward, not suffer from a self-inflicted "Armageddon", which is truly nothing more than suicidal.
Now We continue our story, we don't "end" it, we live it! A new beginning now, not ancient, not the old stories, but the new one... now.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime. 

Where I Am

Ground Zero's where I am wherever I am, sourced within. ~
I feel you,  I sense your spirit in turmoil  and in laughter,  I sense your spirit now  and ever after,  let them come, these changes of spirit,  of thought,  let them unfold  and our dance  will get underway  with God.
Live, Love, Laugh... ~
When someone tells another what to "believe", this is not the sin, the sin takes place when the other believes them without due consideration. ~
We left him there. He waited.
(Do as he said they thought and they didn't.)
We left him there. He'd waited too long for us, so I thought I'd carry him away from his great suffering.
(He among so many personifications of Love and Kindness.)
We seem to carry Love and Peace like they're side-arms, concealed... ~
*Love retains its fullness having never been fully spoken. *Peace holds its tallness away from the shards of war. *Forgiveness keeps its rotation and *Laughter comes dancing. ~MP**** ~
(I am more than just primate!…


What else shall we conjure, Love?

Let's hold hands and truly summon the collective with the tongue and manifestation of God  through Love and Peace? 

Shall we hold one another close and assure the other of trust, or shall we use that breath to fully know the other? 

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime