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A Solemn Prayer

End all war, spilled the rain! End all murder, boomed the thunder! End all lies, strafed the wind! End all treachery, slashed the lightening! End your attack of me, quaked the earth!

I have been selfish toward my home and my prayers have been about me saving my own skin. I had not seen that my spoiling of the earth was my gravest sin, that I'd turned away from truth and it seemed too late to recognize myself as the murderer of love.

End all destruction to your home! End your lies told to yourself as if they were your instinct! End all torture!

I now plead with Love to understand that I had fallen when my greed superseded Love. I cried my loudness to the ground, to the air, to the water, to the mountains, to the forests, to the stars, to the wind, to the rain, to the snow, to the whole of love! I wept, I begged, I screamed, I prayed! Love listened with Love, but held me to my original pledge.


I begged love to release more love upon the air, send more love through the wea…

Burning Head-Lines

Hundreds swarm military base in protests after Qurans burned The flames lick the loveless wars. Hordes of wagging tongues give rise to anger, adorned in the color of grief, pushing the feet toward failure, soon to tumble to the heavenly floor…
Twelve killed in protests across Afghanistan More death, more rage, more contempt, more senseless bloodshed over beliefs. Kill, murder, misery and sorrow! 
Might I summon humanity back from the edge that awaits its headlong extinction?
Afghan Koran protesters killed by police Ready! Aim! Fire at will! Slay thy human brother, murder thy kith and kin, exterminate, destroy, and slaughter!
(“Shoot to kill” was the order, how else was I supposed to follow such instructions?)

© 2012 by mark richard prime

Our Contempt Unmasked

Our breath is atrocious, crowding the air, our teeth, fanged relics slanted, bent of intolerance and proud minds fetching the face of wretchedness with leaching maws of foaming hatred. We must find our contempt unmasked, find our repugnant and false-hearted wars most contemptible as we use our depraved dribble to spackle the holes we’ve put in love.

Tell me, oh mighty war, that they did not suffer? Tell me, oh potent combat, that they didn't needlessly die for our mantle and plot? Oh reckless courage, collateral death, are we set to fail love?

Humankind's blind grasp of truth is no more than a churning obituary held up to fading mirror...

© 2012 by mark richard prime

Standing Tall Like a Knife

I’m appalled by all this shrill lightning, the stench of something reckless like an oven broiling millions whose only sin was their name.

And then the torture and wars with their odor of deceit standing tall like a knife stuck in the back of love.

Do we not understand ourselves enough to see it? We know the bat finds its prey, sensing its victims echo as it flutters in the shadow of self... and, you and I, what do we feel?

© 2012 by mark richard prime

I Feel Like Something’s Missing

I feel like something’s missing?

I've been holding out for Love to come calling, blind to my own, sightless to the melody of affection strumming beneath my feet. Play on beautiful truth, play on emotions, strum your spirited strings to love’s waiting embrace.

I feel like something’s missing?

Love’s on its way. It is entering upon steady legs of exactness, bowing to none, until I bend to its caress, genuflect to its rule and kiss the soft lips of its divinity. Let it take the pain away, my death lain down before me like the surrender of the self, the one truth dancing before me like a desperate maiden calling forth my serenity.

I feel like something’s missing?

The oneness presses against my back with hands kneading my discomfort to the stroke of love that christens me with the wet lips of the one truth. Love, bend, live, laugh and remember.

I feel like something’s missing?

© 2012 by mark richard prime

Humankind, End this Eternity of Warring for What Can only be Imagined

The stage was full these past months, the characters upon it, those reading now and those not yet, became my belief. Their spirits have been noticed by me, they danced like mad, the dance of the spirit intertwined with one another.

How long have I been the next one, evermore?

What prize is offered to the one answering the eternal question, breath, hope, knowledge, virtue, contentment, love, or are they just more questions?

Have I angered them with my fear of the truth? (Maybe I asked the question one should only imagine?)

Jesus, you aren’t just tired, you’re completely spent from thousands of years of lies told about you and the pain and suffering of your belief of love which carried you away to haunt the earth with your righteous plea…

Humankind, end this eternity of warring for what can only be imagined. Bring to an end this hemorrhage of your frenzy of questions that only serve to drench your mask with an unknowable wish. The ideas of truth have fallen to their thankless knees, l…

The Ash in the HeartH of Love

These words are not just mine, the many spirits I dance with have brought them to me from love and you and you and you and you and I'm ready to bring love full ground. The truth isn’t the easiest thing for man to grasp. Within humankind’s belief the mind shuts down, it goes blank with our need to end things, to put a period on things. Why have an end to any belief as if it is somehow knowable?

Belief is all I'm supposed to need or want, but belief in the truth of love. I can no more separate myself, my friends or cousins, brothers, sisters, mother, father, family of man, despite what I've allowed to enter with stilts made of children’s bones, innocent bones, guilty bones, bones of man, man, woman and child, all life that I've take for granted.

Life belongs not to me, it belongs to love. It is not mine, my soul is no more important to life than the tree or the soil or the air or the water, they’ve spirit. Love is present in them, the water, the air and the soil. To me…