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This isn't a religion, it is Mark Richard Prime's Actuality, he scraped from the dregs of spirit, he rose to the voice of God... this is his echo. If it does not yet sound familiar to you, give it a chance. He can dance your spirit into Heaven, and I don't mean Hog Heaven, I mean Home, the Heart(H) of Creation, God's (H)eartH floating in our portion of Creation's HeartH...

We explore what is of our own design as the thinking beasts, we are what we think- reverse course! Oh such joy is found in my sway, in Love's discerning glance, in the chance... of Forgiveness coming to stay with all. Our belief in Hell is drowning us. Trust Me, let it go, humankind has held onto it for far too long. It is not theirs to hold or to as of yet know, I will be the last or I will be the next, or I will be the first, or I will be Me. It's the only thing I or God know of We within Me. Love and Peace... there they are, duality of one.

Careful what you imagine of Mark Richard P…


The balance between Love and God is, without question, Peace. For if the result of the pairing of Love and God is anything less, then the pairing need be reconsidered.

It's not a mystery, the source of our suffering. The only reason the mirror was ever imagined as important, it showed us what we looked like on the surface. Too bad it did't show us what's within, we would have treated one another as equals and bowed to our needs and not our wants.


Have we not seen and heard enough of war?


Had we but learned the true lesson of battle, War would have fallen to Peace.


War would have been forgotten.


Our many battles denying Peace and Love would never have been waged had we learned War's first bloody lesson-


War is Hell!



There she is, Love. She smiles on us now.
There he is, Peace. He smiles on us now.
There they are, smiling.


Cheer up, child, you've medicine for your spirit.

*Aside...effect: A thankful hea…


And there we thought we had little to offer, she and I.
Seems the echo of the earlier mirror analogy is ours to reflect upon, pun intended.
Forbid We ever become so enamored with the self that We fail to honor our original vow,
the stewardship of Home, Life, and most assuredly, the vow of our kinship.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Dear Michelle, my Lovely angel Love, it has been a long surrender, but together we are finding a balance. Spiritually speaking, it's a process that I (we) had to come to grips with, here is what I found...

Love is a splendid thing, do not forgo it.
Child is a most precious thing.
Home is where the HeartH is.
Mother's are sacred life-givers.

Love, not the broken system of affection that marriage has become, is all that truly need be considered. It has nothing to do with a license or a ring or any other symbolic gift or gesture, it is a union of flesh and bone vessels, spirits of affection sharing the path with one another.

(We thought you were going to write your wife a poem on Valentine's Day?)

Prose and poetry, better had I always done this than imagine there's only one day a year that Love needs celebrating. Fool.

Your beauty, my Love, brings Peace to your breath.
My reversal of fortune, has brought Love to my breath.
The fullness of both holds our union without …


WAR (and money) HAS MADE US VERY SICK...


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime