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Support Peace, Forgive All

(The Neighborhood Peace Garden Project)
Support and forgiveness are not the same thing.
We, the people's of the US, must demand of our "government", of which we pay taxes to "support" their agenda, cease dropping bombs upon all peoples and that they do everything they can to clean up the water, air and soil? That's "supporting" the collective. If the government doesn't act to do so, we the people have need to "forgive" them (ourselves) and need to discontinue our "support" of their aggression.

(It appears that the people have begun to demand more of their governments, demanding more of ourselves. Let us hope this trend continues around the globe...)

To Me forgiveness and acceptance are not similar, they're replicas of one another. When we forgive, we've accepted them as they are, when we accept them, we've forgiven them as they are.

Begrudgingly accepting someone is not acceptance, it is tolerance.

© 2013 the …

My Evolution

1963- Forgiveness...
December 29th, 1984- Sleep.
1985-2009- Ricochet.
2005- Love.
2010- Awaken Peace.
2011- Stumble.
2012- Recognition.
2013- Love and Peace.
2014- Love and Peace.
2015- Love and Peace.
2016- Love and Peace.
Eternity- Love and Peace, Life and Laughter...


I do not forget, I know without knowing, unforgettable that way.

The (H)eartH needs to be seen as Home, where the Heart(H) is.

The (H)eartH's story trumps any and all that we might imagine, it certainly would stand to reason that it trumps any we've come up with as a collective at this juncture of our journey...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

What's in a Name?

My Lovely angel Love is a true champion of Love and Forgiveness, she is a constant in my journey, I, on the other hand, am not, even of my own path.

She is the beacon that I am striving toward. Bit by bit, inch by inch, step by step, leap by leap, spirit by spirit...

In this story, everybody's an angel set to be reborn...


We three had to forge our own path, my Love and our child, how else could it have been but that we each learn of ourselves in order to believe, and then unite, in truth?


I should have known. And that's a lot like saying I should have believed enough to seek it long ago.

My head was hi-jacked, of that I haven't a doubt. Now whether it was by my actions or others is irrelevant to now. Yesterday, for that matter, seems to fade of its brightness on the pathway to Love.

I accept my role in all of this, We, I believe, must all do the same. I do pray that every role in the never-end turns out to be most loving...


God and Love are within us all, the idea…

Money's Weight

We would do the (H)eartH and ourselves a favor if we'd rid ourselves of the weight of money. Money is the root of our gravest problems. Why does anything essential, our needs, cost anything? Shouldn't we strive to free ourselves of money's stranglehold on the spirit and the air, water, and soil? Remember, money does not make the world go around, it only makes us unreasonable, keeps us blind to the truth found in our want...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Dote Upon

If I was indeed born to scribe the words of Love for the world to dote upon, why do I feel as if I am an intruder?

(You're more like an insider, scribe.)

Yes. On the inside.

(Where it belongs.)

Yet who says it needs to remain unspoken, why can’t it be spoken into existence like the makeshift hell we've created within our beliefs storm?

(It’s yours, scribe, yours alone.)

The belief or the storm?

(What’s the difference?)

Belief is the scribe of my reality, the canvas upon which I continue to paint, making reality the storm.

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime


Jackpot! 179 million dollars!

Why not take all that damned money and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and turn our water back into Creation's nectar?

We sit around barking about nothing getting done, about the world's suffering, and then we throw money to the wind to the tune of billions instead of thinking clearly about how to end suffering for all without annihilation at our own consumptive hands...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime