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FRIDAY (6/13/08)

High Court Deals Setback to Bush Guantanamo Plans
We left the chamber feeling less the monsters that hold us, uttered the five aged and superlative men and women robes floating with them like Halloween costumes, bared faces reveal not fangs or fur, but human flesh worn through to such sparkless eyes.

Judge in Obscenity Trial Linked to Porn Web Page
In the ironic sense it speaks the unanswerable, echoes back a truth, a certainty, a rapid verdict, perhaps of a mask we all wear.

Ethiopia appeals for urgent aid
This is my arid landscape, my famished-brown world, tree trunks open to lavish homes, brittle branches are open arms of mothers, the many winding roots, infinite rations, and sunburned leaves, the cusp of laughter.

In Italy, Bush Calls for Tough Stand on Iran
This call…O this harsh call leaves me wanting. This call brings no hope upon the back of humankind, brings no hope upon the neck of the human race. It brings no hope, its speaker comes devoid of it.

US military release Pakistan ai…