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Universal Leap

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Offended We!

Yes, Mr. Dawkins, we should be offended! But let's not just be offended, let's take action to change, go from being offended to being pro-active in our approach to those that do offend the sense and sensibility of humankind and by doing so we can change the channel to one of Love and Peace. 

You and I, and many others, agree that religion is repugnant in many ways, especially the wars and piety that can stem from such, yet it is also repugnant to Creation, along with humankind's great apathy toward Home and one another.

I've always found you to be a rather pragmatic man with a fairly healthy intelligence... and I will soon watch your video in full as this was just an excerpt, but I am not offended by atheism or Christianity, by another's belief, yet I, like you and many others, am offended by the idea of Hell and being told that I shall go there because I do not believe the same as another, who wouldn't be? But I still sense in ALL the story of our reason for bei…

Point of View

Our own "point of view" is not reliant upon another.

Another's view can certainly shape our own, yes, but in no way is it reliant upon it to have a view that is open-minded. Acceptance that all have their own mind to shape is what makes one open-minded, but We must be careful not to lop off our own personal view just because we hear another's and agree with it. We should maintain our own, and, if we alone choose, allow it to be shaped by our experience of another's, then that is of our choosing. Our viewpoint is not to be replaced like a damn light-bulb.

I maintain my true identity born within, if I alone shape it, add to it, from other viewpoints, fine, but, if I wholly replace mine with another's, I do no favors for what was born within "Me". If I do that, it's nothing more than wholesale surrender of the sovereign self and that is not open-mindedness. We shouldn't give "ourselves" away by another's experience, if history …

Shaped Opinion

The media should not be what shapes our opinions on anything. If we believe everything we hear about religion from the media, then surely we believe all other things we hear from the media, but I know that is not the case.

The best way to shape our opinions about religion, or anything for that matter, is not to listen to the institution's "spokespersons" or the "media", but by actually getting to know the individual people within the particular institutions.

I believe that "religion" (has become) was designed to be a battering ram, but there are many "Christians", "Muslims", "Jews", "etc", that are not what the media portrays them to be anymore than welfare recipients or atheists or Mexicans, or Arabs, or black people or convicts, gun owners, tree-huggers, liberals, Libertarians, conservatives, teenagers, etc. Religious people vary greatly, even within their particular faiths, I know many and have engaged the…

Couched In

Judgment is couched in demeaning those we deem meaninglessness, unsentimental, rigid babblers.

We are all babblers, are we not, some more than others?
Bird's squawk, we talk.

Equals now, but not in the offing, if the collective doesn't begin to see the truth beneath their feet and before each of them, mere worthless babblers.

© 2014  Mark Richard Prime

I May Appear

I may appear, at times, foolish in my human shell,
but I have by no means been fooled in the dance.
I have moved through the years in reverse order,
now the light is shining brightly, my spirit is moving outwardly
toting Love and Peace from the inside to the out of Me.

I do not pretend to know, but what I’m given, I believe,
is a truth born within and now being sent through my speech.
The medicine’s (God) changed me from who I had become
to a person now enveloped in Creation’s loving tongue.
She’s with me, is Love, a union with Peace since begun.

My way may seem reckless, but it leads Me to Heaven,
a course set long ago, lifetimes of forgetting where I've been.
The many spirits in Me now, do sense a fateful dawn,
a road less traveled my feet have been set down upon,
The truth of the wind and Me honoring the Mother’s plea,
Creation’s glance upon the very nature of We.

Mark Richard Prime,
the last one
with Love’s agreement
and Peace’s tongue…

Love and Peace

© 2014  Mark Richa…

The Mask and the Dagger

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. __Oscar Wilde

I no longer wear my mask that I might see with most honest eyes where I am and who I’ve always been.

The truth’s been revealed in my acceptance of Home and Kinship, in the profound recognition of the story of Love and Peace.

I always found that wearing a mask made the sun too bright. It rendered blindness like a dagger whose holes were already punctured. It formed indifference like an injury too deep to notice.

If you insist, I’ll wear it, but I’ll wear it as an artist painting a canvas revealing what’s within, as a child whose imagination has not yet found war, murder, rape, or greed.

Either way, the truth shall be unmasked.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

To Vote or Not to Vote

Unless all decided to do so. The message would be so much stronger and immediate.

I do understand the idea of voting, I just think it may have outlived its use.

Then how do we govern ourselves?

Certainly not by surrendering.
Certainly not by being apathetic, there's enough of that with the damn vote!

Then it is Revolution we seek...

Yes. It sounds more round, as if it is nearing a much needed change from "politics" as usual.

If a statement can be made by "voting", it stands to reason that "abstention from voting" is as equally powerful, just the flip-side, but it requires the collective to understand that by "abstaining", by not voting, that they indeed are "voting"...

Either way, rise up for the love and peace of life!

Peace and Love
If you don't vote, you can't be heard.

© 2014  Mark Richard Prime

PTSD Equal Opportunity

PTSD exists in more than just the soldier, though I'd imagine what many of them have seen no one would or should want to, or should need to, but PTSD is an equal "opportunity" disorder. Let us do our best to end its causes, especially the disorder that stems from War. Peace is the cure for what ails us.

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Heart and World

Creation made the world go around, loving hearts in a world, cruel or otherwise, are what can keep it going around...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

A Circle

Are "all" Atheists offended that others believe in a God?

Are "all" Christians, etc, not offended that Atheists don't?

It's a circle. Logic indicates that there can be no answer forthcoming, at least at this juncture of our collective journey, that solves such questions.

Be loving to one another and cherish Home despite what you believe. It's the safest bet in a world of knowns and unknowns...

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Repugnant War

ALL Wars are repugnant, despite the "reasons".

The idea of "reasons for war" means that We failed our duty of Peace and Love as a collective.

Peace and Love are the true objectives, and when they fail, so do We.

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Right, Wrong

It is not about right and wrong or going to church or not going to church, it's about treating one another and Home as if we gave a good care. Selfish people exist in both believers in God and non-believers in God. The point is to urge us to Love and be with Peace in our walk and our talk.

Peace and Love... without a doctrine, without a sect, without a cult, without a building to call church, but with a humbleness called for in this world of questions and beliefs.

We all have a belief, bar none. To say you believe in nothing is still a belief, believe it or not. I say let belief match our reality and be kind to all. It's not too much to ask, to do, or to believe in.

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Too Often

We too often manifest what we want and not what we need.

Love is not some truth I possess, but a truth born within from the start, God, Creation, Exactness.

I do not presume to know it, I seek it and evolve along the path toward it and grow within it.

We shouldn't fall on the sword of truth, we should sheath it and begin to act as if we've a lick of damn sense!

Put away the cross! Suffering's speech is too damned great! Let it go, take our salvation off the instrument of suffering! It is so very, very, very simple.

The only thing I do know, that Hell is man's concoction of fear. Can't blame them, though, being left here to imagine the reason we are here. We just need to cherish Home and one another and Heaven will arise whether it be the Heaven of our dreams or not, it certainly beats the mess we're making of the only planet we can live on, at least any Home yet known to us.

There is but one destination, but many worlds to travel.

It isn't hard to find when i…

Sun and Energy

Nor do they own the oil. It is so very, very, very simple.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Food Stamps

Who says any of us need beer, cigarettes, tattoos, drugs and cable TV? Many truly need food stamps...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Since when did "work" make "men" good?

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Unity, Health, Death

Americans dying for al Qaeda
Sacrificing breath to breathe our death,
a final gulp through shattered vest.
When will our dying’s madness click,
Before or after our sickness we admit?

Bowe Bergdahl's "safety and health were in jeopardy," Def. Sec. Hagel
Our battle with one another’s the menace
of a shadow found of our stumble Home,
a truth in us, destination unknown,
security and health, the trembling grimace.

Netanyahu urges world not to recognize Palestinian unity government
When will you relent, brooding minister,
before you remove your mask of devotion
in your role as phantom to God’s Opus?
“O! Hide your face so the world will never find you!”

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Casting Nets

I do not cast nets, brothers and sisters, and my experience is not of the sea, it is of the spirit, of God's words pouring through my every fiber, more than sea, more than ocean, more than simple talk about love and peace. Speech lent by the spirit, without knowing, but sensed within Me, a divine calling of this, my experience.

You, friends, I observe without your knowing. The truth is to be known by all.

I am not distracted in the least, I am overcome with a sense of the collective kinship, of Home as Heaven, the slight of hand we soil beneath our feet, both passively and actively.

Perhaps you will remain in motion to show others the difference between the two, but I will remain to cherish Home and all others, despite what they imagine to know of me.

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

A World Alive

Love and Peace shall rise together in Heaven, (H)eartH and Sky. It will be a union like none imagined; a world in harmony, a spirit realm of life, love and laughter. It will be a world alive with a Peace and Love that are never forgotten. Heaven and (H)eartH, the Heart(H) between them, both rising on wings given by God to soar between Creation's many kingdoms.

This is the story that is unfolding, this is the way, the truth, and the light beneath and above our wings.

Love and Peace

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Toward the Unknown

The One Exactness simply "is", yet there are many "truths" along the path toward the one unknown exactness. These are the "truths" that I seek in my journey. The methods by which I seek "truth", as near as possible, are an exploration toward what I can know, not what I can't.

Most of these words that pour out of me are not (necessarily) mine alone. I know that sounds off, but it just IS my experience of the mind, body and spirit.

If knowing exists only in moments of experience, how is my take on them any different than another? It isn't opinion, judgement and/or labeling, it is interpretation. If the One Truth is not knowable at this juncture, then who is to say that you or I are right or wrong? That in and of itself would be a judgement call.

To qualify something as truth isn't an easy task. The "truth" by the tiniest fraction of non-exactitude is no longer the "truth". I often say that we all have it wrong, b…

Homeless Compassion

All should be more compassionate to the homeless
regardless of the reasons they're homeless.

Homeless is homeless, hungry is hungry, love is love.

Sustenance and compassion for the homeless feeds us all.

© 2014  Mark Richard Prime

Good Morning, Creation!

Good morning, Love! Good morning, birdsong!
Good morning, flower! Good morning, tomatoes!
Good morning, spirits! Good morning!

This day begins with a prayer for food
This day begins with a prayer for beauty
This day begins with a prayer for children
This day begins

This morning is filled with melody
This morning the squirrels play
The bird's for Peace do croon
The sun

Thank you, Creation, the sun
Thank you, God, our breath
Thank you, Love, our truth
Thank you


Thank you seed
Thank you dew
Thank you breeze
Thank you

Love&Peace I pray

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Clothes and Tattoos

I believe when we ridicule another for what or how they wear their clothes or tattoos, and/or piercings, or make fun of another in one form or fashion, are truly a sad testament to a petty form of intolerance. It may not seem like much, but it feels like a holier than thou moment, a prideful disregard for the free will of another.

Expression comes in many forms, instead of ridiculing another for a choice why not speak with them without disdain, it'd go a long way in keeping the peace...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

This Heaven's Moment

It is Heaven at this moment over the Children's Peace Garden.
Big gray and white clouds over Home, food and flower.
Truth be known... it'll stay Heaven, too.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

The Reins

Let me have the reins of my duty or there may be hell to pay for those that imagine they've need to keep Me from my own actions and decisions.

Remember, I write what I'm given from the exactness that has Me, and the One Exactness doesn't play games.

I am capable of handling my own affairs, make no mistake about it.

Mark Prime, Mark Richard Prime, Scribe, Peace, Me

© 2014  Mark Richard Prime