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Limbs of Exactness

Anger and sorrow move inside of me, boiling flesh and bone.

I seek liberation and find it missing, mislaid, hidden, stolen.

Truth groans lifeless, sagging low, seeking self, and Love, known to me, creation reaching out with limbs of exactness.

© 2011 by mark prime

Oh Child ~ Christina

Elegy for Christina Taylor Green 9/11/01 -- 1/8/11 Born on September 11, 2001, Christina Taylor Green died January 8, 2011, gunned down in a Tucson supermarket parking lot. Christina had just been elected to her school student council and was interested in politics, her family said. She wanted to meet her Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, and learn more about politics.

Mourning Christina-Taylor Green But until then, whatever your party and whatever motives you assign to her killer, let her death remind us of the high price of our ideologies. Her life unbegun, let her death reveal the cost of our comic book politics and our bullying, overheated rhetoric.


Remind us of the price of our beliefs. Expose the cost of incensed tongues. Bring us to kneel before truth. Honor man’s kinship before belief, above all else. We’re nearing your ill-timed fate.

Now we sing. Our mouths, creased upon misery, upon regret and loathing, weeping for you, mourning for ourselves. Let’s allow our sleep to resto…

...wind, rain, forest, stars, dust...

(Artwork by Dan Earle)
I believe we had best prepare them to quell their rage, said the wind.

We must ready them for an infuriated ocean, said the rain.

We’ll steady quaking limbs ahead of death, said the forest.

We’ll pray with our loftiness for man’s love, said the stars.

Our instruction’s come too late to breathe, said the dust.

I believe

© 2011 by mark prime