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THURSDAY (6/11/09)

Gunman kills guard at U.S. Holocaust Museum
No. I can’t imagine the foul deed set between this dog’s teeth leaning awkwardly against death’s unbending carry. There must be something- illusory power tethering murder? An unplumbed urge sitting in some bar with an open tab? Something that has nothing to do with killing a human being. There are other dogs howling his name, should we be alarmed? Yes.

Iran's president attacks election rivals
There’s something quaint about this story. Something evocative in its promenade, swagger if you will.

U.N. powers agree on draft North Korea sanctions
Hideous grins loom over the collapsing facade each with its own face, its own scheme, enclosure.Pin the beast down… brand a sneer upon mad lips.

A Fixture on the Supremacist Fringe
Your rambling, unbearable descent into artful madness followed hard upon your terribly ordinary yet dreadfully mad, compulsive mind, found you to be altogether artless when all was said and done.

Holocaust shooter was big fan of S…

TUESDAY (6/9/09)

Mercy plea for held US reporters
Euna Lee and Laura Ling were not alone in their frantic plea.
The parent’s gasps were sentenced to twelve years of labor- a heaving wave smothering freedom’s beacon, China’s Guantanamo.

Crews find more bodies from Air France crash
Wind, rain, lightening, sky, wish… Floating now. Moving us down, a weight atop such laden grief. Wind, rain, lightening, sky, wish…

CIA: Keep Documents From Bush Era Sealed
Secret codes, men in black suits, government assassins, covert operations, state secrets, ticking time bombs, civilization in peril and grandiose, riveting car chases…

I’m no longer convinced that James Bond isn’t realistic, isn’t a mirror image of our special agents in action. At least it gives justification for not getting at the truth.

U.S. forces build in Afghanistan
Adversity sinks its teeth into 20/20 vision acting as omen for the blow that’s sure to come. March on America, into the goddamned sun!

FBI Director Defends Use of Informants in Mosques

SUNDAY (6/7/09)

Obama remembers bravery of D-Day vets
They moved down into the valley of the shadow and found death there. They marched into its jaws, quaking at its countenance with an eagles fortitude leaving their breath for it to commit to memory. They battled onward so this day could breathe, saved this world that we might salvage our spirits, that we might remember what it meant to live.

Obama speech to Muslims "deceptive," Taliban says
Grim granite fiends pounce upon the resistant lips of man… Beast and man roam together, their pleasure reaching out like arms that fold and salute desolate idols carved out of stone lining nameless streets that lead to unknown tombs.

Insurgents Increasingly Use Teenagers in Iraq Attacks
Something is calling out. Something is pleading. O! The bloodstruck sidewalks do not go down. Something tells us that the world is guilty of their use.

U.S. contractors held in Green Zone killing
I’m quite sure that as I raise my weapon they stand still as death, ready as …