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The Sky is Ripe for Raining Love

Rejoice that the sky is mine to wonder of, not conquer, that the soil gives without asking anything, save I respect life. My tasks are for the earth, for love. Do battle the least with love that I might breathe life and eternally. End over end, back to the beginning, the perfect cycle of life …and rebirth and life and rebirth and life and rebirth until I see them as equal partners in creation’s outcome. It’s not mine to say, beginning to never-end…



Laughter pierces my lips…

The stars, my entertainment,the water my drink, love my truth, the sun, and stars and planets and moons and mountains and seas and caverns and caves and celestial dust and the Milky Way, the grandfather. The soil, and all that rises from it evolving life is the grandmother. The two betrothed are love and life. Union. Kinship. Oath. Action. Belief. Truth.

We need find our footing, let the earth dance in the soles of our feet, rise to our flush temples and whisper love in one ear and remind us of where we are…

Breathe in Fear, Create Agony, Breathe in Love, Create Love

Something wants to write. I was fine just drifting about in love, but a fervent spirit came knocking and I have to let it in…

Who are we to say when the story of creation ends? We’re no more of an expert on truth than we are at knowing where we are.

And you’ve the nerve to defile the earth’s water?

Who are we to say we know who or what the creator is? None of us do. We only imagine we know. It’s all we can do, really, so we've no other recourse, save for sheer disbelief. If it weren’t for the conviction in our beliefs, we‘d end our war on earth. We’d craft heaven instead of agony.

Restore her water! Replenish her soil, without the expectation of payment or profit. Give back creation’s air. Breathe in love, create love. Breathe.

Who am I to ask for anything after the way I've behaved, after the way I've made love a bitterness? I've flooded my mind with righteousness, imagined myself king. I've desecrated the earth, damaged the capacity to receive and startled even …

I Touched Your Arm Tonight to Say I Love You...

Who is that man standing with love. It is you. And you, and you stand beside love and you and you. They do battle within me! They raise their tears in memory of humankind. I cannot shake their beauty, I cannot hold them near enough for fright of the least in me, to the shame of love.

(What’s that you sing now brother? A song for your belief or a song that’s been sung so many times in the books of man. Where is yours? Where is your courage to speak up, to love the earth, the mother, the heart of love and all and everything? ...Leave it be, my child…)

But love, I don’t understand why the burden be as if its dreamt, and not lived. Happening and imagined, evident and foggy shores ahead to me if I will not and more… Wait- where was I?

(A feint whisper calling across your sorrow like the strings sending forth its quiver.)

No. That is not where I was, I was with you.

(You are merely waiting on me to know who you are.)

And I, waiting to see who you might conjure next, your sweet smile, war’s go…

Harness Your Search for Truth Until You Have Brought Forth Stewardship

The scars of Your suffering are mostly internal, the scars of Your indifference are spiritually scribed lines, tablets, the history of love.

My love is for all, love cannot be divided or separated and it cannot be vanquished, so why the long face?


Harness your search for truth until you have brought forth your stewardship, until you have cherished all and everything. It’s rather simple. Love evermore…

© 2012 by mark prime

You Are Changing Your Eternity by Changing Your Present

"Who am I", the words that fluttered from much younger lips. Who I am is the birds wing, the spirit, the animal, loving all. You and you and you and you and you. Who I was, a fleshy sorrow, an unhappiness, a displeasure beneath a numb shell, the perfectly paced madness.

When the script is about to be written, my child, and is set to become "known", wait. Do not. The need should only be that you love, nothing more. Love, the only commandment, the only verse, the only line, the only word…


Does any of this make sense, or am I fooling myself, and my agony is almost knowing, where truth is never quite revealed? My inferno, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

Stop! You are changing your eternity by changing your present. Now love. Now is all that matters to a moment. It is now that you must begin to shape your paradise, not tomorrow or after you die, now.

Do I understand the enormity of this occasion? This moment, is greater than any of…

Want to Know What My Angry Side Feels Like

(New Scientist - Putting human consumption into perspective)
The piggish flag slaps in the wind behind the backdrop of mechanical beasts. The willow? She stood with her ancient limbs calling downward in leafless sorrow, pleading we surface in our breath with Creation, with Love. That we raise our voices now in joy, most thankful for our fortune of being in Heaven?

Earth, it is in Heaven. Heaven, it is on Earth… Pretend not that you’ve nothing to lose just because everything, according to God, is going to be okay in the end. Do not cover your eyes if you can’t believe, raise your arms, drop to your knees, and pray to what you know beneath your feet! It’s happening- and on your knees, you’ll find home… Rejoice! Heaven waits on your love!

(But we are not worthy, we’re guilty!)

Now! Now is the only moment that counts! We are free to have heaven, or, if we choose to imagine there‘s a hell, its been arranged by humankind to have one. It is not the time to get angry at my plea, it is time, h…

There’s Not One Child Alive Today Because of a Bomb Constructed of Profit

There’s this rule I follow. Treat everyone as equal. All.

There’s a drum in that and a violin, there’s a flute letting down her hair, a cello thrumming its way into the heart.

Boom, boom went the bomb when humankind’s tongue began to toil. Money’s more precious than the earth, but not oil. Money’s the root and evil’s drawn man as a stick figure in a land of trees.

There’s not one child alive today because of a bomb constructed of profit.

Boom boom's not for the virulent rage and loveless smirk spinning its final war (self-propelled Armageddon), it's for Love.

The profit from misery will recoil in your gloom and leave you without breath, without flesh, without.

I've been too frightened to think beyond my nose, I've been pushed up against earth's loving soil trying to steal a glance. Why does the magnitude of love hold me here?

When eternity plunges within the spirit, humankind will know love.The streets of Gold, those of humankind, will waste away into the next great …