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Miracle of Miracles

If I had been there when Jesus turned water into wine
I’d have not been too impressed. How many did he satisfy?
The bartender at the wedding reception and the handful of guests?
Great! Way to go, Jesus! Now what about all of the rest,
The collective, the starving, the thirsty in need of water?
Don’t they deserve to be sated by “The Father”?
The leper must have been most grateful for your magic,
but where is the Mother in your honor! Isn’t that tragic?

I do not mock your “lord on high”,
I simply make the point
that there were so many things that needed attention
so many more things that should have been mentioned
before you were hung on the suffering’s eternal symbol!

What about Hell, Jesus?
Wouldn't the miracle of all miracles be to have erased Hell for all of eternity?
Eternity is an awful long time,
we can’t imagine such an endeavor,
suffering a lifetime and then forever!
You should have devoured Hell
so it would not devour another!

Turn Hell into Heaven, not water int…


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Take a...

Take a chance on the dance that weaves through Me, 
a testament at the behest of God through the balance of Peace, 
then to Love's ovation.

This is the echo of lifetimes of where we've all been is what moves around in a circle of perfection, the grand stage that is ours to cherish and to lovingly and peacefully create as We believe in it! Home is where the Heart(H) is, the (H)eartH, the thrumming orb within the HeartH.

Cherish it now, later we'll be glad we did. Truth.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Peace, Mark Richard Prime

Continue to wake me in my sleep oh crying spirit, I'll meet you there in Heaven and you shall see it's true. Not the Heaven we imagined, but the Heaven we are now! And now and now and now, I need and desire a pow wow, pow pow wow wow, I danced with the Cherokee! Mark Richard Prime grooved with the native spirit and found it most profound, may mentions of Heaven just never by its actual name, (H)eartH! Any one that tries to trump that, steal this, rape those, pillage the soul, this is the word of God, the Truth in my system of belief and actuality! Pow wow with Me, dear Cherokee! Pow wow with Me and I will lead you out of bondage!

Peace is Mark Richard Prime personified. 3, 2, 1, now weeps the sun, 1,2,3 let it be! Can't change it, but you can make it worth living, loving and laughing, the Home for all three as we know them! Giddy up and evolve fine feathered spirits, come for Me, let us ride this tale to the actual reality, Mark Richard Prime's actuality. See? You ne…

Nuanced Evolution

It's not a race, it's a process

Do not hurry and miss the nuance

Do not run ahead, walk with Peace

Do not rush and overlook the subtleties

Do not race to be the first, join with the collective Love

It's not a race to the finish, it's an evolution to a new beginning

Live, Love and Laugh

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime