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What the hell is wrong with us? Have we completely lost our minds? We are killing children with our damned bombs! Drones in the sky, bombs from our jets and planes, gun and grenade, rifle and all kinds of monstrous WMD! We have fallen!  We must end our lockstep into hell! Rise up now! Now rise up!  Oh! God, give me my wings, I can wait no more!  Now, dear God! Now!  The pain is too great as a peacekeeper...  © 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Standing with nature is human... Once we realize that standing with nature is not a choice, we'll understand our own nature that much better... © 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Why is there an "education" system? (Because we must learn!) Must we? (Well, yes! You want we should be uneducated and destroy the system we've created?) Education is a "system", it is a set of tools developed by what we imagine we must know in order to be the best consumer/slave/wage earner to the very system we claim is all about freedom and living... it ain't.) (See? Right there you could use the education system!) Money is the education system's primary focus. (Nothing wrong with that!) What happens when the illusory exchange is no longer the focus or even a factor in our lives? (Then we'll be dead.) Why? (We won't be able to purchase the things we need to survive!) So the education $ystem is pointle$$ without money, because it i$ about making money. ($ilence...) Fools, the whole lot of us... © 2016 Mark Richard Prime


If we give our story away to the highest bidder, it is at a grave risk to the future of humankind. But, if we give it away to one another, sisters and brothers all, without expectation, the "risk" then becomes our greatest joy and divine right, the manifestation of our unfolding story.  The balance between expectation and surprise must strive for balance until there is no expectation of what is coming around and we realize it's us who are unfolding right on schedule... ~ © 2016 Mark Richard Prime

BE WE...

Be we religious or be we spiritual, or be we simply a human animal, the sunlight glances off of us without our willing it, or without our belief countering its constancy... © 2016 Mark Richard Prime


"Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Hogwash! Human's kill far too many fellow brothers and sisters with their lethal inventions, so much so, that our invented weapons have become an extension of our arms and our trigger fingers! The argument against such logic seems rather pointless, I mean if humankind can't understand their own inane obsession with being rendered blameless for the violent use of their tools, then there's little hope in them grasping the irony... Let's have that debate! ~ © 2016 Mark Richard Prime


ONE ISIS ATTACK VERY 84 HOURS SPURS ANGER IN EUROPE Do not give way to war, To terror's angry teeth Wrapped in a dismal metal The size of consciousness. Ticktock, said God, Your sway is incalculable The offspiring of war begets terror... 3 DEAD IN SHOOTING AT WV PARTY All this death to gun violence, Should, without question, Concern us most greatly. (People are too damned ugly!) Yet the most hideous of all The most ugly of our use Are the weapons we create And the echo that follows... 4 DEAD IN MEDICAL PLANE CRASH It wasn't meant to end this way A howl and a sudden dive Rendering the cure to the soil The medicine of Peace, rest now OFF DUTY OFFICER SHOOTS COP, FLEES These acts are born of human fear Yet rage is the open-mouthed screech Witnessed behind eyes bent in agony Chaos is an indiscriminate form of speech SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY TO REOPEN  Oh, dear children, Please forgive us, We're in need of your lessons, Please instruct