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THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT - August 1st Head-Lines

Cecil's Brother, Jericho, Killed

The Lions have seen enough! They’ve seen humankind’s attempt at ownership, they’ve seen their violence, especially that which is unnatural, they’ve witnessed enough to sense the true king. They’ve been here, they’ve roared their disapproval, best we begin to do the same…

Firefighter Dies - Emergency Declaration
O Rain
Be our savior from the flames
O Wind
Cease your ireful roaring
O Nature
Forgive us our trespassing
O Peace
Deliver us safely home
O Love
Rise now with Forgiveness and douse the flames

The Lord's Prayer

The (H)eartH is my Home; I should not want.
(H)eartH gives me green pastures to lie in:
(H)eartH needeth me to cleanse the waters.
(H)eartH restoreth my sustenance:
(H)eartH has many paths and all lead to righteousness.
Yea, since I walk upon the ground of (H)eartH’s breathing,
I fear no other: for thou art with me;
thy water and soil comfort me.
(H)eartH’s table is prepared before me in the presence of all:
thou anointed me w…


Are there things for us to do? Are there things that are prerequisites to our survival? I know one of them is food, another one is water, and another one is air – What else? Peace love forgiveness laughter life joy Heaven? All things great and small?


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


Whatever pours it sustenance down upon me, whatever that source might be, whether it be beneath my feet or over head or both or at the center of the earth or at the center of the universe or at the center of anything, it is mine to enter my love and kindness at the Center of peace and laughter... that is not asking too much. MRP
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


It tells me to write here, tells me to scribe the words of God, it tells me many things without revealing itself, there might be a caution woven in that. Perhaps it's a breeze, if it is indeed Love and Forgiveness?

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.

Boggled Mind

The truth came tumbling along with the next one to tumble. How I held on to the thread boggles my wits. The story unfolds across my sight. We are arriving along with... Rejoice!

God-like Answers

I ask God questions, I receive God-like answers, I ask God-like questions and I receive God answers. 
When we pray we pray through ourselves, inward/outward/inward/action. Inward/outward/inward/action. It's a circle, it repeats, supposed to learn and evolve, kindness needs swim within its grand variance...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.

I Believe, I Believe

I believe in Creation, God, Heaven...
I believe in humankind, my dog, love
I believe in fairness, justice, peace
I believe in life, liberty, happiness
I believe in child, woman, man
I believe in truth, righteousness, humbleness
I believe in kindness, goodness, empathy
I believe in spirit, emotion, angels
I believe in... this. Now. Now. Now.
What I know...? Now and now and now's the answer. I mean, what's to truly know?
I believe it is better that we remember this now instead of "learn" it in order to "know" it...
(Remember what?)
Now. Yes.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.

Steady Now

The piano fills the room, two or three lonely hearts, head's in the skies, body beaten down, down, down...

These are the songs of God as interpreted by me! God I weep, but I fell into line, tumbled in so sorrowfully, I erased Hell for you, God. I thought it was for the best, you were bleeding out in the church of man...

We're learning to dance as one... steady your legs.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.

System's Down

No expression in their sunken faces, no different with all races. When were we to know ourselves? Education in shambles, the dream's crashed, the system's down, no expression, nothing.

(That's it?)

Yip. Unless...

(Stay tune next week when Batman and Robin awkwardly hug, as Superman replaces the God within us all, as some fantasy!)

It is astounding as the miracle of God beneath our feet. Think about it, God never leaves us and we never leave God. Welcome Home. ...Heavenly, ain't it?


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.