The "pharmacology" definition uses the term "drug" officially to include the manmade and the natural. I'm not sure why we haven't clarified the definition by now, but it is where we are. The term "drug" (the official pharmacology definition) has obvious connotations that bring me to strictly use the term "medicine" for the natural and the term "drug" for the unnatural.

It was/is logical then for me to choose the term "medicine" when referring to cannabis. I used/use the same logic for my use of the official term "cannabis" instead of "marijuana", "weed", "ganja", or "pot".

I did say that "cannabis is not a drug", I should have added that, although pharmacology uses the term "drug" as any and all of them, it makes little sense for us to continue to call cannabis a "drug" instead of a "medicine" or "the medicine", if for no other reason but to separate the deadly pharmaceuticals from the naturally growing medicinal plant(s) intended for human use and consumption, such as cannabis.

Here's a thought that might resonate. They're called medicine men and medicine women, not drug dealers.

(You're on spin-cycle, Scribe!)

Spin-cycle is fine as long as what I'm weaving is a clarification between what is manmade and what is natural for good reasons.

I think I've spun enough... I need some medicine. 😊


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