Home is made of love
And Love is made of life.
Prayer's the Weaver's thread
Pleading with the light.
You and I.

Victory in sight, calling to forever
As life's dance arrives,
Love holding us together,
Each a part of Creation's grandness!

Now, and then forever me and you.
Truth, our medicine,
I, the scribe, you, the muse.

New song unfolding into one,
Evermore rising with the sun
Smiling on the child born within.

Happy Love! Happy Love!
Each surprising the other
As love grows into itself,
Reeling symphonies of Mother,
The echo of our one another.

You, Love, you've my heart!
Oh! You've mine and I've yours,
Untamed and ready to soar!

Many days and as many nights
All laughing in your loving light.
Roaring, I came to your forgiving grace,
Kindly you shared Love's face.

Love your Love's fullness,
Love your strength,
Love your blue skies,
Love your heart,
Love your spirit,
Love your eyes,
Love your hips,
Love your love,
Love your lips,
Love your all,
Love all,


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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