Trump denounces fake news media after a string of reporting errors exposed

The falseness clangs of scripted news,
Long ago suspected, even known.
Speak of this, use it as deflection
For some future mis-direction,
Corporate strings dangling there, exposed.


Wildfires kill at least one as high winds threaten more outbreaks

The raging wind and searing heat,
Nothing to stop it or slow it down,
Moving upon the land at war’s pace
Wild-eyed flames rising in the air,
Naturally, unlike battle, same despair.


Netanyahu: Palestinians must face reality over Jerusalem

O brooding Minister,
Regarding an already imprisoned people’s,
Must you scowl at their misfortune?
It gives you away, a tell of prideful plans,
A collusion, the plot thickened by indifference.


Seven charts that explain the plastic pollution problem

These charts that provide us with a view
Of the things we’ve allowed,
Seem counter to the sense of ourselves,
Yet we continue the rampant creation of hell.
Haven’t we found cause yet to change?
“Of this, some 6.3bn tons is now waste -
and 79% of that is in a landfill
or the natural environment.”
Our faces reddened with shame.

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


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