Okay, now that you are both in the “agree to misunderstand” mode,
Take off those damned corporate clothes- you should know enslavement’s code!
It ain’t white, it ain’t black and it ain’t brown!
Problem comes from bein’ a Nigger for Nike or a Redneck for Remington!
Problems arrive when we choose our weapons as entertainment!
When every dumbass human goes fuckin’ blind!
It ain’t sublime!
It ain’t fine!
It’s a crime!
Wake up cracker!
Wake up nigger!
Wake up all you fools rushin in for a dunk
Or a shot at a trophy
for making the most junk!
They don’t give a shit what color or hue,
They just want to use you,
use your shame to divide and conquer two!
Both improsoned in their human rolls, wardens and prisoners, didn’t you know?
It’s like Hell has rooms for different levels of ignorance
when we all go together to our never end entrance!

Wake up! You’re both enslaved,
not because your an ignorant racist,
but because you’re ignorant!
Can’t you see?
You’re just like Me
We’re equals through and through
They just told us to be Me and not You
And told you to be different,
but the same slave.
It ain’t rocket science
or something from below or above
It’s humankind,
not a color or a useless shell.
“They” profit from our misery
in this makeshift hell!
We can’t hear the Truth ringin’ the bell, we’re too mad at our differences
while we straddle those fuckin’ fences!
We ain’t to be fenced in or walled off from our brothers and sisters.
We need love all lovemakers
Hip shakers and peacekeepers!
You need to grow up and become what you feel
because you are something,
true and real,
Not the thing fertively imagined or fleeting
we don’t know a damn thing worth repeating...
Take down the machine that has us,
no more suckling at the barren trough!
Shit! We’d rather have our things
Our rigid thoughts
than keep Home alive and earn some wings!
It ain’t about black or white humans!
It ain’t about brown or red!
Green and Blue, nigger!
Blue and Green, cracker!
Human and kind
Color’s not even a thing.

Take off that corporate logo and swagger
We got much to do for our love and laughter
Didn’t take long to work it out between us...
Rolling my eyes in consternation at the cracker and the nigger living on the same plantation...

__Mark Richard Prime

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


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