How briefly, "humanity", will you bring your warring to its end? The warmonger delights in their warmongering- fear hates the truth. Turn we now to Love and Peace, for there the One Spirit awaits our agreement. I am making known my truth unto you. Because I have tumbled, and been refused. I have flailed and I have stumbled and no one seemed to notice. But I still need to seek your counsel that You may seek mine. But you've not listened, you've mocked the truth. I will not mock you in return, I will lay down the collective path even as your fear cometh. When your fearful, here comes destruction, and this destruction is yours, it enters without restriction when we find ourselves indifferent. You can call on Me, I will happily answer. I will not hide from you, I am not ashamed. If you are ashamed, remember this, there is no need. And may we each taste the sweetness of our collective return and be filled by the breath of Creation. For our rising is the occasion, the plummet is found if we don't...


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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