We sense the shadows within ourselves when we speak ill of others. We find this only temporarily comforting, this mask we wear to shade our own countenance and thicken the load of those with whom we dance.

Each of us have a light waiting to shine... and this illumination, though it can never be snuffed out, can be held away from our truth, down and away from our reach. It is untenable and only corrected when we realize that this great weight is the allowance of that which we carry of another. Such things erode our kinship and make the burden unbearable.

All are worthy, all are love, all are the personification of peace, all are forgiven. We are all brothers and sisters of Creation, all.

Lift this burden of idle talk from yourself and you lift your own burden from others in the dance.

Live, LOVE, Laugh, SHINE... ✌πŸΏπŸ’š✌🏿

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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