If you were destined for the hell of someone else's belief beyond doubt, what would be the best way to inform them that by their belief beyond doubt in that Godless place, they've created it?)

God unfolds... it is we who summon God's best and not the fictitious worst of Exactness. We... We... We build upon our Heaven, We smile our vision of God's purpose set forth in the unfolding, the Father and the Mother, the Sister and the Brother, the Child... Family.

I see my own reflection in this conversation with God, the consciousness of our unfolding and in that glance I see Creation unfolding. No absolutes in our journey, let us create a monument upon and for our Home, a testament to that which gives without expectation, but that she is lovely enough to warrant our cherishing of her...

(Don't you dare be self-righteous! You bow to the betterment of Home!)

And that includes we tiny beasts with great and grand capacities! We are the stewards of wonder, the angels of Love and Peace. Let us embrace our agreements to end our great suffering...


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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