Woman, we were blind to your rising. You are and shall be the heroes for Home, (H)eartH, and HumanKind. It was inevitable that Mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, nieces, any and all women would rise for the sake of our salvation from war and indifference. I will honor you among those that deeply feel the truth, that know the sacrifices you've faced and the instinct for the collective's salvation.

Let us be as One, a family among all of humanity with unexpected heroes, not unexpected by women, but by we, your male counterparts. No more should we doubt your role in humanity's rising, we must, without question, embrace it and begin. Women are now rising as the leaders with a unique and powerful advantage over our male dominated history, the birth of our future and the will to adapt for the betterment of all...

I am ready to rise with you, as are, I'm quite sure, many men who understand the uniqueness of your abilities in ways we've, until now, only seemed to imagine in our stories.

I pray that We indeed do rise together to serve and protect the whole of God's children, not as myth, but as Queens and Kings to Home and the Collection of Life...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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