There are so many stories
So many tales woven of the tongue
So many truths within each and every one

Truth in the spirit it totes by our flesh
Bones acting as stilts to our unfolding marionette

Why should we deny our purpose any longer
The elixir of spirit awaits our song to grow stronger

A story worth repeating
a tale told in Heaven
A fleeting legend
best we create a story
worth repeating

You and Me, We
scribes in the making
A miracle by the collection of Life's awakening

Are we prepared to raise the stakes in our creation
Fledgling miracle-makers with a loving manifestation

Let us Love and Cherish, Forgive and Forget
An echo that comes 'round again we shan't regret

Live Love Laugh
While we're breathing still
The truth awaits ours,
then God's unfolding

Oh my God... I am,
We are the Godmakers
Shall We, with Me, create a miracle for God's sake

Change your minds about Me in your dance
Walk with Me and give me my second chance

I promise you a Heaven with God entering in
Like an accordion, inhale, exhale, begin

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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