(Why don't you believe in Hell?)

What's to believe in?

[Answering a question with a question gives me more time to think of an answer that makes more sense than the question itself.]

(You're insane! Hell is real, God created it for Lucifer!)

That's why YOU believe in Hell, but I have no reason to believe in something that is unGodly.

(You believe in Heaven, right?)


(Then you must believe in Hell.)

That makes little sense.

(How so?)

Do you believe that there is only one truth?


And what do you call this One Truth?


Then by your own logic God is the only thing that exists.

(And what God created.)

Why would God create a Hell of eternal damnation?

(To punish those that do not believe in Him.)

And what purpose could an eternal agony possibly serve?

(As a lesson.)

Never ending agony cannot be a lesson, it can only serve as punishment without end.

(That IS the lesson!)

No. That's insanity.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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