Q & A

Q: What should I teach my children in order for them to know Peace on (H)eartH in their lifetime?

A: Peace isn't taught, it's remembered.

Q: Then my children will never know Peace.

A: Do your children learn of their memories?

Q: No, like everyone else, they recall them.

A: Then Peace must be a memory.

Q: But if they've never known Peace how can it possibly be in their memory?

A: By going back.

Q: Back to where?

A: Before their birth.

Q: Nobody can do that!

A: Then Peace is a thought as well as an event that is recalled.

Q: That's the definition of a memory!

A: And also the answer to your question.

Q: We're right back to where we started!

A: Exactly.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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