It doesn't have to be a nightmare
Grown down in our life's story
Fear holding tight like a noose
The more we pull, the less we breathe

Cut the garrote, set death free
That was long ago, needn't remember
By our memorizing it, it will repeat
Too much in the past, it can't last

We've lost our minds to vile power
Time to regroup and create a now
A present toward a history of love
An echo come round without strings

A recall that has no grip on our necks
But a now that enlivens our spirits
That saves us from our ignorance
That smiles on us in the brave echo

It doesn't have to be a nightmare
Unless we create it for ourselves
Set yourself free and join the whole
A life worth singing, so rise with me

Rise as One love and One peace
No division, no suffocation, be done
Strength's found in great numbers
And none more so than One


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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