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Love is not merely an emotion
It is an indestructible force
A thing that never truly dies
A constant of life's very core

Love knows no boundaries
Wall's cannot hold it away
No continent goes without it
No idea can destroy its sway

Love's the true beginning
Lifting stars to their throne
Aligning the profound mystery
Of all things we've ever known

It can be made to be ugly
Even overshadowed by war
And misplaced by man's ire
But Love itself is evermore

Our own use of it may be finite
But within our story it's eternal
The building block of all things
The verve of nature's pull

Some misplace it in their hurry
Or displace its pulsing start
Yet none have eradicated it
Or torn it from the heart

Love calls to our better selves
It evolves within as itself rising
Oh! Had we but Love's fealty
We'd never kill another thing


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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© 2016 Mark Richard Prime