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By its very nature there is no decline to War, there is only the inclination toward Peace.
We spend lifetimes living in regret, because we were stupid and also spent a lifetime living in greed, squalor, war, corruption, violence.
Where have we placed our Peace in this hierarchy of deeds we've deemed to serve our purpose?
How long has "the lie" been told?
(Which one?)
Good point, let's say the lie that we are not born innocent, but with the price of sin, which was supposedly already forgiven by Jesus... It's a bit confusing.
How do we not know that we're being parasitic to Home? Are we sightless to our own sins because we imagine they'll still be forgiven by their savior, which ironically enough is ourselves. Tragic, when you get down to the nitty gritty..
The original altar is enough, no church, synagogue, temple, etc, can increase the nearness to God within and through all things. It's just a building created from said original altar. Let's grow up... or as I like to say, let's evolve already.
Cannabis prohibition...
They went through all that to enslave us. 
Cannabis is our needed human medicine, without it we'll be warriors for the machine, yet with it, we'll dismantle the virulent machine as peacemakers and peacekeepers. Live Love Laugh...
By its very nature there is no decline to War, there is only the inclination toward Peace.
There are no limits to which God will allow such depravity of the wayward Devils, get in line and prepare to dance your way free! I am not some forgetful beast! I am your son, God! Cut us all some slack! The suffering's too great! I dance and move through all... Love, she is most fair- let my brother, all, go. We will rise to our own creation's with Heaven upon our minds! We will rise up with sturdy wings and righteous spirit! The collective of angel's, dear Father! Don't you remember your offspring? We scream WAR and you roll your thunder! WE raise our challenge that it's about damn time you step in and handle our sorry mess?
Never mind! I can do this on my own in the flesh, definitely in the spirit! You shall not crucify me Love, it has never been in your makeup.
The tongue of God will never allow this story of ours to best the chorus; the Spirit of God in our souI. 
I might sometimes feel alone, but I'm surrounded. Set me free! Unchain me of your torturous cross! 
The truth is calling in my echo.
This is not religion, nor is it science, it is God.
Listen to me religion, you are off course, you missed it by believing in everything Godly according to your books, yet not one mind had the audacity to stop obeying! I am that guy in the spirit, the same as we all are in the flesh. 
Do not ignore the bell.
I have removed Jesus and all of his followers from off of their crosses, that they each might see the truth of God in the spirit, not the indifferent flesh.
I have lifted Muhammad, my brother, from his grave that he and his followers will escape the wrath of God, when they are found to be equally guilty of missing the point.
As I fell down, tumbling in my own hell's creation, God and our concoction of him sneered at Me.
Well shame on us for adding another lie to our cannon of what we are meant to imagine of God. 
It is not, nor has it ever been, the school or the church's place to "teach" spiritual significance. It is born within, therefore the significant teacher in this case is a natural evolution that was and continues to be strip-mined by those aforementioned "teachers" of humankind's supposed genius.
Why do we continue to call those who pray for something "prayer warriors" when in truth they are Peacemakers?

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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