Why do the incarcerated need a worker's Union? It's madness that we humanKind have fallen asleep in our haste to discipline those deemed outcasts! We have little room to speak as we sanction the desecration of water, soil and air.

So what we need is not having a society of prisons, there's too much profit in misery! Prison Systems needn't be normalized and accepted, we need rid ourselves of any need for prison's, not turning them into a revolving sub-human society!

Sense the anguish found in our beliefs and rid ourselves and all others from the grasp of money's deceit. Like the vote, it ain't gonna change a thing for the better, it's just gonna make half the country happy and half the country mad- congratulations, people, we've managed to miss the human point all together or we'd have a planet at Peace and a people with helpful/healthful living...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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