Why is there an "education" system?

(Because we must learn!)

Must we?

(Well, yes! You want we should be uneducated and destroy the system we've created?)

Education is a "system", it is a set of tools developed by what we imagine we must know in order to be the best consumer/slave/wage earner to the very system we claim is all about freedom and living... it ain't.)

(See? Right there you could use the education system!)

Money is the education system's primary focus.

(Nothing wrong with that!)

What happens when the illusory exchange is no longer the focus or even a factor in our lives?

(Then we'll be dead.)


(We won't be able to purchase the things we need to survive!)

So the education $ystem is pointle$$ without money, because it i$ about making money.


Fools, the whole lot of us...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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