Nothing from me has been forsaken, I have not stopped. I tried, Heaven won't let me...


The distance calls to me
I answer with gladness!

(What have you done to end world hunger?)

Nothing worth noting.

(What have you done to solve thirst?)

Nothing notable.

(What have you done that is notable?)

Let me ask you something, mr high n mighty, what have you done to solve our hunger?

(I have given you food.)

What have you done for those that do not see your food?


What have you done for our thirst?

(I gave you water.)

Have you yourself quenched their thirst upon clean water?


What of your name being evoked in war? Are you not beholden to set the record straight after all this time?

(Okay! You win! You're ruthless, Scribe! I heard about you some time ago now, you're all right in my book. )


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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