Does the weather change accordingly?

(According to what?)

Everything done and not done that damages Home.

(You mean to tell me that you believe how we treat the earth is what causes the weather?)

No. Not make the weather, but there is no question we affect it with our pollution.

(Conspiracy theorist.)

No, but if the soil is impacted by our allowance of our toxins, then it stands to reason that we also affect the air in much the same way. The soil stops producing as it had before the toxins, and the air makes its way to all things, so what we put in the air will and has found its way back to us and to everywhere by its very nature.

(Okay. What of the water?)

Same thing. Our water is our elixir, it is 70% of what makes humankind and the (H)eartH is comprised of around 80% water, so it stands to reason that we would benefit from cleansing our mess, before we get too proud of our beliefs. Our actuality needs our attention, before what we believe in has no stage to deliver its speech...


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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