The groove begins where it left off. It is akin to our story, only we turned it into beliefs instead of continuing forward.
Is it no wonder we find ourselves steeped in war and corruption? Let's ask them to turn our story loose so that we, as a collective, can continue manifesting our actual story. We don't like where they're taking us, it is not glory, nor goodness. The story tellers have grown stagnant, thoughtless to the truth of our purpose. 
We create, it's "what" we're born to do.
Creation waits for us to move forward with our thinking. It has great hope in our instincts, we are animals, after all, so our "intuition" needs grow stronger.
Intuition is also spiritual instinct. In order for us to recognize Home as Heavenly, even Heaven itself, we're going to need to evolve. Our spiritual evolution for cherishing Home is going to need a kickstart. 
We have forgotten where we are.
We have forgotten what we are.
We have forgotten who we are.
We have failed to recall the why.
Perhaps we never knew it?
Perhaps we did and we inexplicably failed to recall?
Perhaps we were doomed by an absurd and sinister plan toward our unwitting failure and our servitude of corporation?
Whichever, if any, of these possibilities is true, or a shadow of what's true, we'd be best served praying for and assuring that our wits come about us, that we can save the day and move the story forward.
Be. Be a savior to Home and Humankind, all of Life, Laughter and Love.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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