There are so many things that I didn't do, so, as an ironic twist, my undoing is what feels like an inability to do anything beyond my undoing.

Thank goodness my head's flipped upside down, gives me a rather unusual perspective on the matters before us.

(You mean before We? Who do you think you are now? Adam?)

Aren't we all a collective Adam and Eve, metaphorically speaking?


We have no more of a clue as to what we're meant to do than the story of the scantily clad ignoramuses gala acting in the garden.


So sure, Adam makes as much sense as any other role I can imagine of Me. Surely Adam and Eve would have viewed the (H)eartH in a different light compared to we industrious parasitic present-dayers?

(You're cracked, Scribbler!)

You think that's cracked, get a load of this, now is the garden of Eden that we've hidden from ourselves by our virulent allowances. Now is the moment at hand. Now we have a choice to make,not unlike the first two legendary characters, we must choose between indifference to our purpose and a revolution to take back what has obviously been stolen by greed.


Ain't it?

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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