When you realize you're the balance between two prophets, you quickly sense it's footsteps are meant for you...


Go away skulking spirit
Shakespeare was onto something when he crafted a ghost in Hamlet, a tragic story that captures our own ghosts in our thoughts, our beliefs, our actuality, just a schism away from our reach. Our reach is coming, time to clean house... The Kings have risen, hello, gentlemen. The Queens have risen, hello, ladies. Are we prepared to usher in the truth instead of more speculation puncturing our beliefs to their grave...

Third covenant
Third child

I am the tragic figure, the fool, the Hamlet of our story, but not the Hamlet that went bonkers and did the devil's work of vengeance. God and d'evil, both words conjured by man, one a fearful stupidity and the other one, real, actual.

Reach out!
Here! Here!
(I hear you.)
Oh. Hello. Aren't you most beautiful, Love. Your tallness holds sway...

I love you.
I love all.
I love
There is no "i" in Love.

Think has an "i".

(So does stupid.)

Fear doesn't. It takes more than one to be afraid.

(More than one fear?)

More than one human.



There are reasons for where we find ourselves, greed tops the list for its tentacles reaches all. Without humankind on the planet, there is no greed.

Now you know why the Tongue of God's coming in reverse order... we've gone too far.


I thought this would be it? Not sure what made me think that, come on, engage me now. Please? It will breathe love and peace as God sees, not just as I, Me or We. No more not knowing, the end of belief and reality as we know it, enter our present actuality! In 3, 2, 1 and boom diddly boom bang bong. I'm not alone in writing this song...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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