The child needs little from us
That hasn't already been
Stitched by our allowance
We need more from them
Love, laughter, freedom
Peace and forgiveness

The child needs little from us
We need so much more
Be like the little children
Be like we were before

Raise us up, dear children
We long to go back
We long to be like you
Wings on our back

Look at us, look at them
They act upon what's known
We act upon want
Act as if we're alone

Truth bleeds as a stream
Growing something bigger
Allow the dream
Laugh like a child
Without derision
Grasp the vision
Make believe
We need then see
Glimpse what we're doing
See what we've done
The child knows
We've grown ignorant

Stupid is as stupid does
The child knows love
We, not one nth more
We foment the conflict
From our greed to war

When did we forget
The dog knows more
The child breathes
Exhales just beneath
Greet your child smiling
Inhale yourself back
Return from the dead
Don't bow to fear's attack
Lunge ahead

The child knows
Sit back, be, relax

Love and Peace

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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